35 Must-Do Things with Your Friends to Make College As Good As It Gets

“I was not a good student. I did not spend much time at college. I was too busy enjoying myself.”

  • Stephen Hawking (British physicist)

College life should ideally be the time that you get to let your hair down and enjoy yourself with your pals in between rushing to lectures and preparing flashcards for your study group. These days of having open BBQ parties, going over for a pool party, pubbing all night with friends and hiking will be some of the memories that you hold dear for all your life. So why not make the most of your time in college with your friends? However, you need to pack in the responsible punch of balancing studies and fun, so here goes the ultimate list of 35 super-cool things that you can do with your friends in college to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Learn to master more than ramen

There is sure to be at least one friend in your group who is a pro with the kitchen skills. Cosy up to that person and get he or she to teach you a few steps more advanced than cooking ramen in a hot bowl. Believe it or not, basic cooking skills are one of the most essential survival tactics, and it is best to learn a few tricks from your friends so you can cook up a storm in your dorm every now and then. 

  1. Go for an impromptu road trip

Go on a road trip that was planned just hours before getting a car. The sheer excitement will be enough to give you a heady high as you hurriedly pack all that you can find and head out for the trip. Participating in impromptu plans like these will help you become a much more efficient person who has their wits about them and one who is not afraid to try out new things just for the sake of it.

  1. Plan a birthday surprise

A mouth-watering cake, party poppers, the best punch in town, unlimited pizza and a team of super-efficient and super-enthusiastic friends is all it takes to organise a birthday surprise for your best friend. Get your friends to perform a flash mob in the quad or maybe decorate their dorm with balloons and streamers while they are away to give your friend one hell of a surprise. The smile that you get in return will be one to remember for all your life.

  1. Enrol in yoga

Incorporating a health and fitness routine right from your college days in your lifestyle will help you have a healthy outlook towards life for many years to come, and if you have friends who inspire you to stay fit, it is even better. Enrol for yoga classes together and get yoga mats to bring in a healthy dose of regular exercise with your friends, as it will motivate you more to have someone by your side.

  1. Pull an all-nighter (for studying)

Brace yourself for some of the most stressful times of your life for you will at times have a PowerPoint presentation or an essay to submit the next morning and all that you manage to compose up until the last night might as well be only the title. So what do you do in times like these? You burn the midnight candle with your friends and make it to the finish line at the crack of dawn. Do this at least once in your life in college along with your friends, and you will have a sense of fulfilment that very few experiences can match.

  1. Sign up for a recycling drive

The planet needs our help, and we must do our bit to save it from coming to a total standstill. Get your friends along and sign up for a recycling drive on campus. Usually organised by the environment and ecology clubs, these recycling drives will help you understand the many ways to recycle things of daily usage and make other students in the campus and in the locality aware about the need to recycle as we go.

  1. Make friends with a professor

Forming a lasting friendship with a professor in college has many benefits, and it always helps to have someone to turn to for advice or to confide in during stressful times. It is even better if you have a group of friends and decide to be under the wing of the friendly professor on campus, getting together for engaging academic discussions at the staffroom as well as fun-filled banter at the campus bar.

  1. Pull an all-nighter (NOT for studying)

When you are in college, make the most of all the time you get with your friends. It will be times to remember for all your life. So pull an all-nighter for non-academic reasons too, such as attending the concert of your favourite DJ, partying the night away in town or simply stargazing from the highest roof on campus along with your friends in college.

  1. Play beer pong

All those years of acquiring a college education will all go to waste if you do not play beer pong with your friends at least once. No dorm or frat party is complete without a bunch of super-enthusiastic beer pong players, and many fun rounds of beer pong played among friends. Do not miss this when in college but remember to enjoy responsibly as well.

  1. Spend a family holiday with friends

Pick a family holiday, say, Thanksgiving or Christmas, and spend it on campus instead of going home to your family. Sure, you will be missing your family tonnes that year, but doing this at least once in college will give you the opportunity to appreciate good friends can be family too. Nurture those connections and have a ‘Friendsgiving’ or any other family holiday celebrated with the friends you would love to call family.

  1. Create a prank group

Form a group with the best of campus pranksters and form a prank group where you plot and devise ways to pull off funny pranks on each other and sometimes on the rival dorm or sorority/fraternity. Pranks are a sure-fire technique for forming long-lasting friendships, and as long you strike the right balance between fun and taking it too far, you will know how to make the group function like clockwork.

  1. Crash a party

The campus and its surroundings are always abuzz with parties or the other. Team up with your friends and go crashing a party just like that. Remember to befriend the people in the party, and you will have an experience to remember for a lifetime. These are best done impromptu. So if one evening you feel the pull to crash one, just go ahead and do it with your friends in tow.

  1. Dress up for Halloween

One of the most fun things to do in college with your friends is dressing up for Halloween. It is one day that everyone is at their crazy and whacky best. So why not put up your dress up game and get your friends to walk about in campus in Halloween-friendly attires? Be it Count Dracula or the most frightening professor on campus, unleash your creative and fun side and enjoy Halloween!

  1. Make great use of your student ID

From bars to departmental stores, on-campus stationery stores to ice-cream trucks, you will find the greatest deals to go with your student ID. In case you did not know, your student Ids can get you slashed prices for almost everything that you set your eyes on. Most businesses have student-friendly prices that can be availed only by showing the student ID at the check-out counter.

  1. Go for double dates

Pair up your best friend with the partner of their choice and get your girl/guy along to go on double dates with you two. Be it a romantic movie night or dinner at a food and drinks joint that all of you like, and you are sure to have fun. Double dates can be fun as long as all the four people involved are entirely cool with it, so make sure to get that cleared out right at the beginning.

  1. Cram for exams together

When you have friends who take the same courses as you did, you inevitably end up studying together. Cram for the exams and prepare a schedule for the last-minute revisions while in college for it will bring about a fun twist to the otherwise drab prospect of having your nose buried in a book in your dorm, all by yourself.

  1. Stand up for a cause

Whether it is a protest march for securing student rights or a silent wake for mass shootings in schools, stand up for a cause along with your friends. Voicing your opinions and taking action for a cause together will help your friendship to develop and mature into something that is more meaningful and purposive in all of your lives, so go ahead and do your bit for a good cause along with your friends.

  1. Indulge in karaoke nights

Singing off-tune to a karaoke is probably one of the funniest memories that you will look back on from your college days. Shed your inhibitions, get on the stage, grab that mic and sing along to your favourite karaoke tracks with your friends while you make fun of the other people at the bar who sing off-key too.

  1. Have each others’ backs

This one is a no-brainer, really. Forming friendships with some of the best people who will have a lot of impact in your life and decisions is a major part of college life, and you would not want to miss out on that for the world. So go ahead and show your support for your friends whenever the occasion arises, and you will have a team of the best souls to look over you.

  1. Go running

Nothing can replace the rush of adrenaline as you finish running a trail with your buddies. You will be able to switch to a much healthier life with a regular running routine. Besides, it will also be able to give you something to look forward to every now and then so you do not feel too homesick or distressed in the first few months in college.

  1. Sign up for a fulfilling internship

You could do a world of good with some extra cash so an internship is probably the most fulfilling way that you can get some to come your way. You and your friends can sign up for an off-campus internship at a company in your industry and get the first taste of being a responsible adult in this big, big world – together.

  1. Stay in the library until closing hours

Get your study group to visit the library regularly and once in a while, make it a point to study so hard that you stay in the library until the closing hours. Studying in the peace and quiet that a library offers may at times be the serenity that you need in the midst of a crazy week in college, so why not stay till the librarian has to escort you out, just for the fun of it?

  1. Close down a bar in the same week

Head to the bar after a tough week in college with your gang and get sloshed like it is the end of the world. Stay until it is time for the bar to close down and you guys can have some great stories to talk about for the rest of your lives. Once you get this done with your friends, it is sure to crop up in your conversations as “that epic night”.

  1. Enrol in a creative writing class

A lesson that will take you a long way in life, enrolling for a creative writing class along with your friends will help you master the nuances of the language and give an impetus to your creative side. You will be able to pick up some of the smartest tips to improve the quality and style of your writing that will help you compose your academic papers like a pro as well.

  1. Volunteer together

Volunteering while in college can give you a much-needed boost for your self-confidence and help you to stack up on your good karma. While you are at it, why not get your friends to do it with you too? Whether it is volunteering at a puppy shelter or the local soup store, experience that feel-good warmth that comes from helping the ones in need and share it with your friends too.

  1. Get pictures from a picture booth

Go old school for a while and get pictures of you all from a picture booth. While those are a bit too hard to come by in these days of swanky phones and digitisation, find one in your locality or visit a fair to get pictures taken at the picture booth, the old-fashioned way. You can later frame these up for each other or tuck them away in your keepsake box.

  1. Decorate your dorm

Pick up DIY craft and room decoration ideas on Pinterest and get a group of your crafty friends in college to give your dorm a total makeover. Doing something creative with your friends reportedly has great benefits, including bringing down your stress levels, and you could do with as many stress-busting activities that you can lay your hands upon to cope with the pressure of studies.

  1. Organise a revision quiz

A week before the end semester examinations, organise a revision quiz in your dorm room or common room and get together with your friends to revise all that needs to be brushed up on. Revising together is reported to have helped students retain more so why not make good use of the time before exams to have a fun revision quiz?

  1. Go on a trip you will never forget

Save up for a really cool trip to remember for a lifetime in college. No matter how broke you get at the end of it, hoarding up on these one-of-a-kind experiences is what makes college life worth remembering and looking back on, so go right ahead and plan a trip with your college friends that works wonders for your friendship and helps you rejuvenate.

  1. Stay friends with your first friend on campus

While this one might be quite a tricky thing to do, as we usually tend to shirk away from the ones we met on orientation day, you never know what the future of retaining a friendship with the first friend on campus can bring for you. Take that leap of faith and stick by at least one person you befriended on orientation day, through thick and thin.

  1. Learn a language (or two)

Sign up for a foreign language class together. Learning a foreign language can take you a long way as far as your academics and career are concerned, but why also do it for the sake of fun that you will be able to have with your friends. Imagine having a conversation with your best friends about ANYTHING in a language that no one in the room apart from you two understands!

  1. Celebrate multiculturalism

Make friends from different corners of the world and get together to celebrate all your festivals together. Befriending someone from other culture has multifaceted benefits, including the fact that you get to have fun together at the festivals. Celebrating festivals of different cultures with your friend will not only contribute to your bonhomie but also teach you to embrace other cultures with an open heart.

  1. Complete a challenge together

Whether it is a drinking challenge, a dare or merely completing your assignment overnight, complete a challenge with your friends. Most colleges host drinking and eating contests and you can consider taking part in one of those while in college for completing a challenge successfully with your friends will give you an unmatched exhilarating high for sure.

  1. Take an entire day off

Wake up late, give the lectures a miss, walk about in your PJs all day, and indulge in a Netflix marathon with your best friends in college at least once each semester.  Taking an entire day off from studying and routinely meals in college will help you relax and face the challenges that are yet to come with a refreshed mind and body.

  1. Get matching haircuts

This is one the most fun things to do in college and is way less permanent that getting matching tattoos. While getting inked might be the attest thing to try out nowadays, maybe you should wait a while before you make such a life-altering decision. So, if you want to do something that is fun and significant of your friendship, why not try matching haircuts instead?

College is the ideal time to explore and try out new things. Do not lose heart if some of the activities that you plan with your friends turn out to be an epic fail for these are the memories that you will look back on with a fond smile on your face. Go ahead and have fun while remembering to be responsible and kind to your fellow beings. Make the most of the college days in your life for you will only get one shot to make your college life as picture perfect as it gets. Put yourself out there and make some friends that will last you for life and go nuts with them because it is completely okay to do so while in college. Strike the right balance between fun and studies, and you will be good to go. Learn as you go along and do not forget to enjoy yourself. Have a fabulous time in college!


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