13 Things International Students Need to Know Before Finding a Rental Accommodation in UK

A home away from home is perhaps the most prized possession for an individual, whether we talk about students or working individuals. Well, it is needless to say that the students coming from all across the globe to study in United Kingdom tend to look for accommodations that can help them have a comfortable stay without spending a large sum of money. But is it really that easy to take houses on rent in UK and enjoy a picture perfect student life? Well, it would rather be a debatable topic to talk about; but, to be honest it would all depend on how an individual chooses to look for the house, and in a constructive manner.

If you are new in the country and looking for rental accommodation, then read this informative blog. It can fetch you the desired result end of the day. Here are 13 vital things to consider before you take a house on rent.

  1. Act according to budget

It is crucial that you have the budget to afford a rented accommodation in UK. Shifting includes lots of extra expenditure and other factors that can result into an increased budget. Here comes cost management into play. Thus, this requires you to act according to the budget you can afford and spend wisely so that the basic expenses can be met without any hassle.

  1. Know the hidden charges

It is to be noted that many rental accommodation brokers or landlords might not talk about the hidden charges attached. As a result, you might just end up paying an amount that exceeds your budget end of the day. One must be responsible enough to check and confirm whether the various payment details of the room rent have been stated in the break-up slip properly. This may include first month’s rent, administration fee, deposit amount and the likes. So, it is always better and safer if you consider going through each of the detail beforehand and confirm whether there’s any kind of hidden charge attached to the facilities being provided.

  1. Agreement on who’s going to supply the basic electrical goods

Irrespective of the fact whether you are finding a room on rent which is already furnished or you have to get things done on your own, it is always crucial on your part to get the agreement statement written or at least confirmed beforehand regarding the basic supply of electrical goods. We all know that there are certain electrical items without which one cannot expect to lead a smooth running life. These include basic electrical appliances such as kettle, refrigerator, washing machine and the likes. Even if the landlord agrees to provide you with these items, it would still be crucial on your part to confirm whether each of the items supplied is in good condition and safe to use. You can always sit for a negotiation with the landlord on realizing that the products aren’t in a proper working condition.

  1. Is there anyone else with you?

Before you decide to move to rented accommodation in the UK, it is always necessary to have an answer to the question “who else will be moving with you”? You need to look for a house that can fit requirements according to the number of house members. If you have a group of friends looking for rented space in UK, then sharing an accommodation can be a nice idea. While on the other hand, if you are looking for rented apartment solely for yourself, then a single bedroom accommodation would be enough to solve the purpose.

  1. Run a thorough analysis of the surrounding

It is absolutely important for you check and confirm certain aspects of the potential rented house before you decide to step in finally. See if the doors and windows work properly, confirm whether the locks are functioning properly, take a look at the washroom and see if the flush is okay and there’s no leakage in pipes. These are some of the most vital areas of concern when you decide to shift to a rented house. Without confirming these facts beforehand, you cannot expect to live in a fully secured and safe rental accommodation in the United Kingdom.

  1. Billing agreement is a major area of concern

It is vital that you check and confirm the billing breakup of the house you’re going to take on rent. Household billing list is kind of endless which includes water bill, electricity bill, internet bill, telephone bill, council tax so on and so forth. Thus, it goes without saying that one should always choose to clear the air with their landlords regarding bill payments and should confirm the bills that are to be paid by the tenant and the ones that are to be paid by the landlord. This will help you avoid any kind of future confusion and potential hassles in the long run.

  1. Read through the lines of the contract paper carefully

In most of the cases, the potential tenant is asked to sign an AST (Assured Short hold Tenancy) agreement. While going through the agreement if you find anything wrong or confusing, it is advised that you ask for legal help before signing the final contract. It is also to be made sure that the verbal agreement made with the landlords and the agent during the time of initial conversation is included in the contract paper as well. It is your responsibility to check and confirm whether there’s anything that missing in the paper. If you find anything missing, then tell about it to the agent and the landlord. The contract paper is of highest concern. So, it is always better to confirm each and every point beforehand on the basis of written agreement.

  1. Shifting takes time, a whole lot of time

If you are thinking that shifting to a new house is as easy as packing your bag for a vacation, then you’re absolutely wrong. Shifting takes a whole lot of time, and you probably have no idea how painful it could be if you fail to arrange things beforehand. It is advised that the potential tenant must start packing a couple of week ago. If you are planning to shift via driven vehicle, then start early and plan how efficiently you can manage to keep the required goods in the car, and how many trips you have to make in order to shift the entire volume of goods. Now comes the process of unloading and unpacking the gods shifted. This would equally take some significant amount of time. So, sit back, relax, strategize and act accordingly. Don’t keep things for the last moment. It would only put you in trouble unnecessarily.

  1. Tally the average price for a rental house in your neighborhood

It is always better if you can manage to know the average price people have to pay in order to a take a house on rent in your area. You can always do a market research in order to find out the average price for rented accommodation these days. There are several online rental guide portals available. So, one can certainly seek help from these sources, analyze things well and can acquire sufficient knowledge on prices before finalizing a deal. This will help you stay aware of the latest market rates so that scammers can’t fool you with unreasonable charges.

  1. Extra furniture always comes in handy

Irrespective of the fact whether you are shifting to a fully furnished house or not, a couple of extra furniture shall always come in handy. If you have a friend or relatives living nearby, then ask and manage extra furniture, or you can even buy the necessary ones beforehand. This will save you from the dilemma of not finding the required object on time at your newly shifted place. There are sites giving away free furniture of people near your area. So, visiting such websites and getting in touch with the pole willing to give away used furniture can also be a nice idea, especially for students who want to keep the cost low.

  1. Reading meters shouldn’t be neglected

This perhaps is one of the major points of concern. When you shift to the rented house, consider reading meters thoroughly and inform the suppliers about it as well. Neglecting the importance of reading meters and informing the suppliers about it can put you in trouble as you might be liable for electricity usage which was made even before you stepped in. You can also consult the suppliers and ask them about the bill payment options available to figure out which one is feasible.

  1. Check and confirm whether the landlord is licensed

It is important to know and confirm of the landlord you are dealing has a proper license of giving house on rent.

  1. See how far is it from your college or university

Last but not the least; the potential students looking to take accommodations on rent in the UK must consider the distance they have to cover to reach the college or the university from their place. If you find the route unfavorable, then probably it wouldn’t be a nice idea to take that house on rent. Consider finding a house that is nearest to your academic institution. In case there’s no choice left but to find a distant accommodation on rent, then check and confirm if the route has an unhindered transportation system.

So, consider these aforementioned suggestions and vital factors before you find or take a room on rent in the United Kingdom. It would always help you find the best accommodation meeting all sorts of requirements.

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