3 Ways Your Academic Life Will Be Easier If You Treat Your Dissertations Like A Start-up

What comes in your mind when you hear the term ‘dissertation’? Most of the students will think about huge piles of books, incessant notes, sleepless nights and tremendous pressure.  Is it possible to change this perception towards dissertation? What if we tell you crafting a dissertation is equal to launching a start-up?

Sounds unbelievable? But, the fact is writing a dissertation becomes easier if you follow the footsteps of an entrepreneur who is planning to launch his or her first start-up.

How Is Writing A Dissertation Similar To Launching A Start-up?

The start-up culture consists of people who are trying hard to get their business off the ground. The entrepreneurs have ideas and all they need to do is transform those ideas into reality to get their business started.

Coming back to dissertations, you have relevant information related to your topic and, you need to present those data in an impressive manner so that your professors read the entire paper with rapt attention.

See? Dissertations and start-ups do have a striking similarity. It’s all about the way you look at it.

Now, we’ll talk about how an entrepreneur successfully launches a start-up and how you can take inspiration from that to write your dissertations without losing sleep or going insane.

  1. Start with a rough plan

In the start-up industry, many people can have the same idea. But, not everyone can execute that idea successfully. The one who can execute the idea starts working with a rough plan. The fact is, only thinking will barely make a difference. Dreams come true when you start doing something about it.

Entrepreneurs start working on their ideas with the following steps:

  • They write the first line of code.
  • Then they get the domain registration done.
  • Product sketching
  • Finally, they craft the design of the prototype.

Similarly, when it comes to dissertations, start with the paper by drafting an outline. Without a plan or a structure, it is impossible to write the perfect dissertation. You don’t have to pull an all-nighter if you have an outline or a plan to present your ideas in the dissertation. It is always better to start with a plan rather than starting to write the paper as soon as you get your topic. It will keep your work organised.

Here’s how you can draft the outline of your dissertation:

  • Figure out the key points to be highlighted in your paper.
  • Create headings and subheadings to make your dissertation easy to read.
  • Note down all the supporting facts and arguments that you’ll choose to support your explanation.
  • Construct your paragraphs logically such that each paragraph talks about a new idea.

These tips will help you organise the ideas better in your dissertation. It will help you focus because you already know how to present the ideas to your readers. With a plan for your dissertation, you don’t have to wake up all night to complete the paper in a hurry.

  1. The presentation of your ideas is the matter of concern here

If you look at the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, you’ll realise they haven’t sold anything new. But, the way they sell  it makes all the difference. For instance,

  • Ted Turner sold television advertising and broadcasting.
  • Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, sold nothing different from what you could get at any corner convenience or five-and-dime store.
  • Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, sold coffee.

Entrepreneurs are not always innovators. They take someone else’s product and sell it in a way you can’t refuse. Remember what Vito Corleone said in Godfather, ‘I’m going to make an offer he can’t refuse.’

The same rule applies to your dissertations as well. Yes, reading is an unavoidable part of dissertation writing. But, think about it this way. You don’t have to create something new. You need to collect the information that has already been written and presents it to your professors in a way that he won’t be able to divert his attention from it.

Here’s how you can make your dissertation interesting to read:

  • Go through various books related to your topic. Sometimes, reading books that are less popular can get you amazing facts about your topic.
  • Check out the websites, blogs and journals of famous authors who have contributions to the topic given to you.
  • Have a look at the recent news and updates regarding your topic.
  • State lesser known facts in the body of your writing to impress your professors.

Remember you’re not creating anything new, you’re just presenting the old facts in a better and smarter way. So relax and choose your sources wisely.

  1. Ask for help whenever necessary

If you think launching a start-up is a walk in the park, then you’re entirely wrong. Entrepreneurs have to deal with multiple hurdles to establishing their business in this competitive world. For instance, there can be financial issues, legal problems or even issues with the team. Whenever a problem arises in their plan, they seek help immediately.

You might face a problem with the format or referencing or any other part of your paper. Instead of trying out the wrong format or delaying your work, seek for expert’s advice at College or University or from your seniors. Remember: for start-ups and dissertations, delays kill and speed saves. Along with quality, you need to meet the deadline as well. So every minute counts till the submission of your paper.

  1. Stay focused no matter what

Many start-up founders think that finding the proper source of funds will be a matter of concern. But, what about the distractions? Any distraction or lack of focus can ruin a start-up in its tracks. So entrepreneurs maintain their objectives and goals to make their start-up idea a success. Despite several hurdles, Jeff Smith co-founded Smule because he and several successful entrepreneurs like him stay focused on their goals.

Writing a 10, 000-word dissertation is undoubtedly a tiresome task. But, learn from the entrepreneurs and stay focused on your goal of completing the assignment before the deadline. Distractions can also get a better of your dissertations and you may not be able to complete the paper due to lack of focus. You can study in a quiet place to avoid distractions, or you can strictly follow your routine. Take small breaks to refresh your mind and then resume your work.

Wrapping Up

Aren’t writing a dissertation and launching a start-up quite similar? Entrepreneurs need to take their business from level A to level B where A is the idea in the entrepreneur’s mind and B is where the plan is executed correctly and the business is established. Similarly, you need to take facts from multiple sources and present them logically and make your dissertation a success. Don’t panic or feel low when you’re asked to write a dissertation. Instead, treat your essay like a start-up and aim at establishing it successfully.

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