4 Reasons Why You Should Save the Introduction for the Last

As the popular saying goes, you get only one chance to make a strong first impression. The same is applicable when you set out to prepare a dissertation as well. The introductory paragraph of your paper will offer your readers with an insight or perspective of your argument, your specific style of writing and the overall quality of your work. An inexplicit, confused, irrelevant, inaccurate or dull introductory section will only provide a negative impression. While a coherent, appealing and impeccably-written introduction will make your readers perceive your work to be worth giving their attention to. It also enables them to think highly of you, and your skills of critical thinking and your creativity while writing the paper.

Presenting an introductory part of a dissertation can be the most difficult aspects to deal with. Normally when you start with writing your dissertation paper, you have at least had some idea or thought regarding how to present the paper. You might have decided upon a few instances you want to apply in to the paper or present an idea that will allow you address the primary question that drives your dissertation. That way the introductory portion may not be as tedious to approach. And it’s fine if you write the section at the very beginning of preparing your dissertation paper. But in your final draft, the main text shouldn’t look like they have appeared from thin air and should establish a connection. The main text needs to be introduced in a manner that your reader can identify with it. So here’s something that you should probably consider doing when it comes to preparing the introduction.

How about you try writing the introductory part after you’re done writing the rest of the paper? Well, don’t be surprised! You may believe that you always need to start by writing the introduction of your dissertation first. While that isn’t entirely incorrect, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be maintained every time. On the contrary, saving the dissertation for the last often proves to be the most efficient way to put together a compelling introduction. Often while writing the introduction at the beginning, you may feel clueless about how you’re going to structure the section and what you should include in there. When you begin with preparing the introductory portion at first, you always aim to start with establishing a certain statement, but ultimately in the process, you end up presenting a point that’s somewhat or at times even entirely different by the time you finish writing most of your dissertation assignment.

The process of writing a dissertation paper can be a great way to arrange and structure your thoughts and ideas, analyse or evaluate complex issues, polish your ideas, and put together a logical and justified argument. However, writing the introductory section at first while the process of research is still underway will not determine what you end up with after you’re done writing. You will need to precisely review your dissertation paper to ensure that the introductory paragraphs, and all of the examples and resources, highlight the statements you intended to present in the first place. So you see sometimes it's wise to discuss all of your examples first and then proceed with the introduction of the paper. So that way, at the end of it all, you can be certain that the introductory portion will resemble the body of the paper. Now let’s shed some light on the reasons you should save the introduction for the last.

  1. You have no clue what you are going to write

You might consider your dissertation proposal to be flawless and follow the exact direction that you wanted it to take. Although your proposal may turn out appealing, it is always advised to wait until later to prepare the introduction of your dissertation.

  1. Focus on the good parts

Beginning with a brief paragraph on what your dissertation is all about and what it seeks to prove can be taxing. If you get anxious about what information would apply to your introduction, even before moving to the main body of the paper, then you will feel unnecessarily pressurised to prepare the paper. And in turn, you will be more prone to making errors.

If you feel strongly about the topic of your dissertation (which you must be), you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the introductory part. Instead, you would want to be caught up with the main body of the dissertation. After all, that’s the reason you chose the topic in the first place, right? The body of the dissertation is where the action is happening, and that’s the area where you actually get to highlight and apply what you’ve learnt through your extensive research and reading. This is the section that deserves most of your attention instead of the introductory part. So spending too much time on writing the introduction at the beginning is often discouraged so that you don’t lose out on the time you could've devoted to the main text.

  1. Your key statements may change while preparing the dissertation

During the course of preparing your dissertation paper, it is quite possible that you might find some resource that makes you change your mind about the presentation of the key statements. If you keep altering your primary statements in the course of preparing the dissertation, then it is natural that the points that were emphasised in the introduction will have to be altered as well. If the introduction is changed again and again, then you are basically spending your precious time on reviewing something which could’ve been prepared once you gather a precise and detailed understanding of your topic as a whole.

  1. Writing the introduction last is convenient

The most natural reason to prepare your introductory section last is that it’s convenient that way. Think about it like this, if you’ve managed to put together 9000 words by organising and preparing your dissertation then writing a paragraph or two for introduction will be comparatively easier.

So, approaching the introductory section of your dissertation at the end can make your paper better in terms of quality. It really doesn’t matter if you’re still clueless about how to present the introductory part of your dissertation, take a considerable amount of time to browse through the resources and acquaint yourself with the advice of your university professors or mentors. This way there’ll be no looking back for you when you set out to write your dissertation.

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