40 Novel Economics Dissertation Topics & Ideas For Students

Economics is itself a widespread field that deals with almost every aspect of the world. From finance to environmental economics, scholars are digging out the hidden truths with their progressive thought-process and technological advancements.

Choosing one great idea from so many possible research fields is quite difficult while dissertation writing. For students, it often becomes difficult to identify the fastest growing field. It is possible you have no thick idea about the most demanding areas in economics that can help you shape an appealing dissertation paper. Hence, we present you 40 most innovating and trending dissertation topics.

The topics jotted here are of utter interest to all the top economists. Your career scope is sure to augment by a slab if you focus on any of the following areas.

Economics Dissertation Topics

Mentioned below are the lists of forty different topics categorized into four distinct sub-disciplines.

 Social & Cultural Economics

  1. How does local culture influence the business flow?
  2. What are the effects if a local business immigrates elsewhere?
  3. In what ways do local economics affect the business’ run?
  4. Local culture affects the new-arrival of a globalized business: Explore how local culture affects it
  5. How does multiculturalism influence an organization’s economic outlook?
  6. Study the consequences of bureaucracy on revenue generation
  7. Discuss in detail the relationship between revenue generation and company culture
  8. Does inflation affect a company’s overall profit?
  9. Evaluate the unemployment level that affects a country’s economic output
  10. Compare and discuss the causes and effects of unemployment in several distinct regions

Development Economics

  1. The debate for the reach of development economics within higher education
  2. Assessing the effect of globalization on earning distribution in emerging economies
  3. Development economics: Past Present and Future perspectives
  4. An analytical approach to find the connection between financial sector and national economic growth
  5. Investigation of the relationship between development economics and labor migration
  6. Development economics and national governance body : Study from Malaysia’s perspective
  7. Review the impact of recent economic regulations on financial integration in Europe
  8. Investigate the progress of development economics through theoretical bases or field interventions.
  9. Impact of population increment on development economics: Review from India’s perspective
  10. How natural disasters reflect on development economics in emerging economies?

Financial Economics

  1. An investigative analysis on the soundness of employee stock option
  2. How long-term pattern for income management decipher through return seasonality?
  3. A methodical analysis of price characteristics in distinct trade options
  4. Comparative review between the financial economy between developed and developing countries
  5. What is the impact corporate governance on stakeholder’s firm valuation?
  6. Discuss how acquirers apply price methodologies to value target firms
  7. The function of Government affiliated Investment Companies in developing countries: Review of literature
  8. In what ways natural disasters impinge on investor sentiments.
  9. How investor reactions influence the market development in emerging economies?
  10. Zero Lower Bound Constraint: Study of its critical characteristics and theoretical impact

Environmental Economics

  1. Impact of waste disposal programs in Europe’s Environmental Policy: An Economic Examination
  2. A literary inquiry about the innovative water conservation designs of UK’s public institutions
  3. Economics of Ecology: Review of past and present practices
  4. What are the scopes of environmental resource economics? Its inference for public institutions
  5. A comparative research between UK and Sri Lanka’s water management and conservation policies
  6. Comparative study of globalization through economic and environmental perspective
  7. Valuation of biodiversity mechanisms: Relevance of the findings in economic and ecological terms
  8. Economical scrutiny in UK on the determinants of climate policy formulation
  9. How work-life balance manipulates social eco-systems? (Study from UK’s perspective)
  10. Impact of forest management in emerging economies

Which topic is more preferable?

The best subjects for extensive study in economics are those that are innovative, progressive and appealing. The topic must also be useful otherwise, your effort can entirely go in vain.

The topic of your choice should also be easy to digest, as you need to engage yourself whole-heartedly in that field. Your area of study must not be too broad or too narrow. Cleverly choose your preference so that you can progress until you dig out something new and innovative.

Among the list of economics research matters, you must pick the one that jogs your mind into action. You can perform a brief research on your 5-6 interesting topics and then select the most comfortable idea that you can tackle easily.

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