40 Topics for Writing Your IT Dissertation and Impress Even the Strictest Instructor

Writing dissertations on Information technology is not easy. And the whole process can turn much harder if you start it in the wrong way. So, you must give enough consideration before going for a topic. Because your choice cans either make or break your whole dissertation. In this blog, we present to you 40 awesome economics topics with which you can write superior-quality dissertations.

Top ideas for writing your next IT dissertation

  1. How technology has changed the world
  2. The use of technology to cure addictions
  3. The use of data analysis and information communication technology by school authorities
  4. How does E-business strategy differ from E-business model?
  5. Strengths and weaknesses of M-Government
  6. Artificial intelligence and its applications
  7. How effective is digital education to increase student engagement?
  8. Anchored Asynchronous online discussions
  9. The application of technology in medical surgery
  10. Will pilotless planes be accepted by the passengers?
  11. The application of Information technology in laboratory science
  12. The positive and negative effects of social media
  13. Challenges related to the complete restraint over software piracy
  14. A synopsis of the information agent technology and the requirements for its creation
  15. How can media technologies impact teenagers’ physical development
  16. Is it right for the government to impose regulations on the use of the internet
  17. Access to technology- every country must have equal rights
  18. The use of Apple iPad for studying and digital course materials
  19. The application of information technology in the project management procedures
  20. Using keystroke analysis to bring extra security to the protection of the password
  21. How are multi-agent systems applied in car games?
  22. How interactive technology affect informal learning
  23. The changes in computer systems throughout the ages
  24. How fitting enabling technologies enhance the success of e-commerce?
  25. The technology of Bluetooth and Java
  26. Virtual assistant- a case study of Amazon Alexa
  27. Intrusion detection system software
  28. Threats and security breaches in the Internet
  29. Automated faults tracking system and its applications
  30. What is project tracking system?
  31. The use of inventory management system in retail business
  32. What are the possible reasons behind the failure of a software project
  33. The application of six sigma lean production system
  34. The effectiveness of human resource information system
  35. The role of multi mobile agent architecture in the creation of the collaborative system
  36. The application of guest tracker system in hospitality management
  37. The use of E-logistics for the effective management of warehouse
  38. How important is the security of smartphones inside a business environment
  39. Speech recognition system and its applications
  40. The effectiveness of clinic management system

So, this list will definitely reduce your concern related to the selection of topics for your IT dissertation. Use them and start writing your excellent dissertation.

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