40 Most Inventive Dissertation Ideas for Marketing Students

Thought-provoking dissertation themes inspire students to perform thorough research on the subject-matter. Business minds love innovative and appealing ideas for their thesis papers. They lose interest and become negligent about their project if the topic is tedious.

Often situations come up when you have multiple trendy options and you cannot take the right slant for your preferable economics dissertation topic. Being a student, you may not know the kind of themes trending in the business field so here you can find the platter of enormously growing and demanding areas of research.

If you are a marketing student, here you can find a list of pristine topics for your upcoming dissertation. The dissertation ideas mentioned here are best from analytical, investigative, theoretical, rational and all other marketing aspects.

Inventory of contemporary dissertation topics

  1. Charity marketing: Critical Analysis on What Is the People’s Idea About Door-To-Door Fundraising.
  2. Innovative Ways In Which Product Marketing Is Leading Towards A Competitive Edge: Apple Inc. Analysis
  3. Comparison Between Uniform And Adaptive Tactics | Global Firms and Their Strategies
  4. Business Encouragement For Better Marketing Liberty: Case Study on Nigeria Incident
  5. What Are The Factors That Are Influencing The Marketing Strategy Success?
  6. Consumer Behavior And Manipulation Tactics: Increasing The Desire To Purchase
  7. Comparative Study Between Samsung And Apple: Impact of Brand Value Between Customer Behavior
  8. Trendy Marketing Strategies For Hotel Entrepreneurs To Attract New Clients
  9. Necessity of Psychographic Methods In Business Schemes
  10. How Marketing plays a role in Life Style?
  11. Effective Activities of Internet Marketing: What Are The Expectations In The Near Future?
  12. Do You Think Social Media Is An Effective Tool For Promoting Business?
  13. Does Silly And Irritating Branding Techniques Reach Consumers More Effectively Than Ordinary Policies?
  14. Pros And Cons Of Successful Brand Advertising In Political Campaigns
  15. Does Food Product Labels Influence Consumers?
  16. What Are The Factors That Can Make An Affect On The Success Of New Brands?
  17. The Impact Of Advertising On Acquisition Of Bad Habits BY Teenagers
  18. Detail Analysis Of Branding And Customer Satisfaction
  19. Impulsive Shopping: Psychological And Social Aspects
  20. What Are The Consumer Attitude Towards Functional Foods
  21. Differences In Female And Male Customers During Decision Making Process
  22. What Are Celebrity Influence On Consumer’s Buying Decision?
  23. What Are The Most Beneficial Techniques To Build Customer Loyalty?
  24. How Do Demands Change According To Generation?
  25. Does Effectiveness Of Advertising Depend On A Social Network?
  26. A Detailed Study On Linguistic Influence On Product Identity.
  27. Importance Of National Culture While Branding Any Product
  28. Does Gender Plays A part In Consumer Buying Decision
  29. The Effect Of Customer Behavior And Globalization
  30. How Do Marketing Strategies Differ With The Cultures
  31. What Are The Major Techniques To Engage Potential Clients
  32. Does Leading Brands Own The Highest Quality Products?
  33. Effect of Economic Volcanoes In Tourism
  34. How Irish Hotels Make Use Of Marketing Techniques To Recover Themselves During Recession
  35. How SMEs Grow Based On Their CSR Marketing: A Greek Study
  36. What Are The Major Marketing Conflicts A Bank Or An Insurance Company Face?
  37. How Integrated Marketing Communication Influence Domestic Tourists Visit To XYZ City?
  38. Analysis Of Factors Affecting The Decision Of Fashion Products Purchase
  39. Ways Effective Marketing Enhances Present And Future Of Fashion Industry
  40. Can We Say Children Are The Autonomous Consumers Of Latest Technologies?


How to choose a suitable topic for your dissertation?

Often students get confused on which area to choose if they have a list of trending topics. Here are some effective tips that can help you pick up a suitable subject-matter for upcoming marketing dissertation.

  • Conduct a brief research on each of the topics and pick the one that seems comfortable for you
  • Choose the area of research in which you have sheer interest
  • Ensure your theme has a broader aspect of study but it’s not too expansive
  • Try to be unique in your own way
  • Never opt for an archaic field of study

You must add some spice in the dish to finesse its taste! No one put a second glance if you just rework on existing researches.

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