University Starter Pack: 5 Things to Remember for Your First Assignment

Gear up for the best time of your life, for university days are truly unforgettable. Forming friendships that last a lifetime, meeting new people from different parts of the world, getting acquainted with inherent traditions of your college, cheering for your team or sorority in championships, attending enlightening lectures to making memories to cherish forever, university days are undoubtedly going to find a fond place in your heart in the years to come.

If you are a freshman just out of school and still unsure of what the future holds for you, then do not worry, kid. We have all been there, done that. Everyone steps in the shoes that you are in right now and finds them teensy bit shaky and unstable as to how they will be able to manage so much. Since managing all the lectures and the pressure of studies may seem too overwhelming at first, we have brought to you the ultimate checklist of things that you must keep in mind for the first assignment in university. Follow these, and you will never have to worry about too much to do in too little time so you can sail through the best years of your life, enjoying the days to the fullest.

  1. Fix achievable goals and reminders

First things first: prepare a list of objectives and set reminders about the assignment at regular intervals. Fixing goals such as summarising one set of lecture notes in two hours or reading the first three books from the list of readings within a week are some examples of achievable goals. Divide the research and composition of the assignment into small segments and set those as goals that you achieve along the way as the days pass by. As for reminders, they will serve as the means through which you achieve the goals. For example, trips to the library or looking up a scholarly article during lunch break are some reminders that might help you in planning and preparing for your assignment. Simply put, no assignment turns out to be splendid without proper planning, and planning starts from setting goals and having means (in this case, regular reminders) to achieve those goals. Chop chop!

  1. Invest in a referencing guide

As you gradually settle into the new routine at the university, you will learn that referencing forms a crucial part of your life as a student. No academic paper is finished without a precise list of references that give credit where it is due. As most of the professors tend to get over with the referencing lessons at the start of the term, it is best to learn it straight away, so you do not have to worry about wracking your brains for a proper referencing guide later on while writing the assignments. Dig into that rainy day fund and invest in a good referencing guide that will serve as a loyal friend throughout your life at the university. A brilliant ROI, referencing guides are available online that let you master the tricky art of accurate referencing using patterns that you remember. There is no need to feel all flustered with so many guidelines available on the Internet, and it is best to get a complete guide instead that you can refer to for all your referencing needs and styles.

  1. Make the most of your resources

Learning to use the resources at your disposal is one of the most essential lessons that you will learn from the first months in the university. Visit the library often and go through the catalogues. If possible, consult with the professors about the fascinating readings that you will be able to tap into for your assignment. In addition to the libraries, tap into the plentiful world of resources online that is Google Scholar. It is a fast and simple search engine devoted entirely to academia, so the chances are that you are most likely to find a piece of reading that is hard to find for your assignment. These apart, attend the seminars and conferences hosted by your university and take notes from the lectures of the eminent speakers on the panel. A trick that will help your academics by many a mile, using the resources that can be found around you is thus a lesson for a lifetime.

  1. Avoid procrastination

Set reminders and fix achievable targets for this one. Ticking off journals and articles from your reading list, researching on the Internet, learning to use the online resources like Google Scholar, and preparing a neat and ordered list of assignment to-do’s are just some of the things that you can do in your daily routine. While procrastination is quite appealing at this stage, the best way to make the most out of the time you have is to divide the work into small workloads all through the days that you have until the date of turning in the assignment. Devoting a little over an hour or two every day for your assignment will help you stay ahead of schedule and free up a lot of time in your day when the submission deadline is approaching. In fact, maintaining a daily routine and doing a bit of your assignment every day will actually help you use the rest of the time for scrolling through Facebook, binge-watching Game of Thrones and commenting on cat videos on Twitter.

  1. Practice omnipresence

Oh well, we know how hard abiding by this one tip is. Attending all the compulsory lectures will come to great dissertation writing help when you have to compose that first assignment. You can use a truckload of the resources that you have collected as class notes while writing the assignment. That is why it is imperative that you maintain a healthy level of attendance for all the compulsory ones. If needed, incorporate a daily caffeine routine into your mornings so that waking up with puffy eyes or a hangover cannot keep you from attending the classes. In case you know that you will be missing a particular lecture, drop an email to the professor beforehand so they can schedule a special tutorial to help you catch up on the lessons. As inviting as snuggling in bed for Netflix marathons might seem, it is best to attend the classes while in college. What is more, most universities carry a percentage of the total marks for class attendance, so it won’t hurt you to just hang around in class for the sake of those extra credit points. 

Bonus tip: Always ask for feedback

Lastly, as a bonus tip, we would like to say that feedback for all the work you turn in is essential. When you get your marked and reviewed assignment back from your professors, fix an appointment to meet them at their offices or staff rooms for a brief but succinct discussion on your assignment. Remember, a few lines scribbled at the end of your assignment and a lopsided signature on top of the page is not enough for you to understand where you need improving. You may be a freshman, but being acquainted with the professors and learning about the different requirements that they have from the assignments is crucial right from this stage. While it is not wise to tail your professors all around the campus, meet them with prior appointment to discuss about your essays and assignments at length from time to time. Following this tip will take you a long way in finding out what exactly they require and the ways that you can improve your writing to suit their expectations.

When managing the stress of studies and too many things to do at once seems to be getting the better of you, take a deep breath and try to go by the tips mentioned above. Following these dissertation expert tips will help you ease the burden of studies and manage the nuances of your life a lot better. Remember, the first year is just a scratch on the surface. There is still a lot more to come your way, so be prepared for a roller-coaster ride in the coming years. All the best wishes to you for surviving college like the true champion you are!

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