5 Useful Online Thesis and Dissertation Libraries for an Impressive Final Draft

“Your library is your paradise.”                           

                                                 ― Erasmus (Classical Scholar)

Well, it goes without saying that library is one of those places on earth which has the potential of creating great minds, and can help people accumulate vast information on various topics, subjects and daily affairs. However, talking of libraries and dissertations, it is to be mentioned that dissertations, thesis, case studies and likewise academic assignments require the potential students to include brilliantly researched and referenced contents from sources that are reliable and genuinely informative. Now in order to come up with an impressive dissertation paper having relevant content and descriptive references of essential points, the potential student must consider using sources that are reliable and genuinely effective. Library, in this matter, is perhaps the best places that can fetch you the desired result. Now that things are mostly available online, one can surely expect to find libraries online as well that can help them with dissertations and thesis papers for securing desired academic grade.

Here are the 5 best and most effective electronic libraries one can always refer to, when in need of framing the final draft with precision.

  1. com

This is considered as a comprehensive online library having vast information and useful data on classical literature. This place has an access to all the major works of classical literature. Since these are all available online, the potential students can simply access and read the texts and can implement the information extracted in their paper easily. One can also look for solutions, references and citations regarding tricky contexts and other sections of the paper. The potential students can look for informative content using keywords relevant to the subject or the topic concerned. One can also find links that can act as an access to interpretations and critiques of various works on classical literature. However, it is to be noted that Bartleby.com deals particularly with literature and philosophy. Students in search of information on subjects apart from these two should look for other archives.

  1. The Digital Library of Leicester University

The Leicester Research Archive consists of almost all doctoral thesis produced by the students of this unievrisity. One can browse the paper department wise in order to narrow down the search and look for the required paper. From papers on history, archeology to conference papers and presentations, you can expect to find a plethora of PhD papers and presentations here at this library.

  1. High Wire

Academic journals are considered as some of the most vital things when it comes to the matter of university research and writing papers on information based on past and present researches. It is one of those places where one can visit and figure out what other researchers have to say about your paper, what experiments and tests have been carried out by them, and what theories have worked for them and which are the ones that have failed. If you have a research-based project to complete, then visiting High Wire in order to seek the required assistance is likely to be useful in the long run.

  1. Universal Digital Library

This resourceful online library will help you browse through a plethora of informative books as and when required. You can also find the “Advanced Search” option available. This will help you search for the required material on the basis of origin, subject and date. You can also search for the text by narrowing down the research on the basis of the title needed and the author. Thus, in order to look for a more subject specified and origin-based search, referring to the Universal Digital Library can certainly prove to be effective for the potential students.

  1. Leeds University Library

Visiting library.leeds.ac.uk will help you find doctoral thesis and Leeds PhD in abundance. One can also expect to get external links to thesis belonging to other institutes, both country-based and globally.  

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