6 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Dissertation

Writing a dissertation has never been an easy task. This assignment is considered as a tool to analyze the students’ cognitive thinking ability, analytical skills and writing capacity. The ability to handle excruciating pressure, time management skills and perseverance of the student also go under the scanner. Professors, in the long run, intend to bring forth the mentioned skill set among the students as a means to make them industry-ready. 

According to academicians, in most of the cases, students being unaware of the intricacies of jotting down a well-researched dissertation paper make certain unintended mistakes. However, being a thoroughly researched and extended paper, with multiple chapters and subject description in it, dissertations are meant to be flawless. Plus, as it is a coursework for students in their final college years, professionalism has to be up to the brim.  Professors believe that if the students’ sincerity and ingenuity are shown in the papers, they will be able to have successful professional career. But with students getting confused with the intricacies, mistakes do happen. 

Therefore, here we have jotted down six common mistakes that students often do and need to be careful to eliminate them all in order to make an unblemished dissertation. Take a look.

Avoid Dissertation Mistakes

  1. Plagiarism

To begin with, plagiarism is considered as the most terrible of all the mistakes done while writing a dissertation paper. In a broader sense, all academic papers should be free of plagiarism. Not giving the credit where it is due in an academic paper is considered as theft. On top of that, as universities these days use sophisticated means of checking plagiarized content in the paper, one shouldn’t fool the professors by changing just the phrases or the order of words. Making a well-written and informative dissertation means a long process of research through online and offline study materials. The process of writing a paper begins after that when all the information is handy, and it’s finally time to start writing so that the final deadline don’t get missed. While doing so, students often use words and sentences in the dissertation which is close to the primary sources. Here the professor will consider it as ‘lifted content' or mark your paper as plagiarized.

How to avoid:

  • According to our experts, store your collected data and information on your computer within folders with different names that you can understand. Highlight the folders once it has been used. Trust me you will cut chances of plagiarism to half!
  • Don't want to give the source's name in the paper? Paraphrase it properly. If you are not confident with your paraphrasing skills, use referencing following the accepted styles. Take your professors' help or ask your peers to guide you with the in-text citation to avoid a plagiarized copy. 
  1. Formatting Error

Be clear about one thing - professors do not entertain formatting mistakes. Be it the abstract ranging for more than a page or formatting and syntactical errors - there should be nothing as such that can cut short your final grades. We understand that dissertation, being a long document, has the possibility to get exposed to such mistakes. But remember that dissertation’s formatting is equally important as its content. Grades are closely related to a formatted paper, along with being it a plagiarism-free assignment.

Your dissertation contains grammatical errors, jargon, unclear paragraph organization and other common writing blunders. We understand that students are not professional dissertation writers and thus make formatting mistakes.

How to avoid:

  • Know the university accepted formatting regulations and follow it precisely to avoid chances of mistakes.
  • One can also check online samples and learn the intricacies of preferred citation style, page numbering, margins, and indents.
  • For more personalized guidance on formatting, you can ask the online tutors available 24*7.


  1. Unprofessional language

As we said earlier, dissertation papers play an important role in defining the students' sincerity. Plus, the quality of the paper is responsible for better chances in higher studies as well as academic careers. Therefore, selecting and using professional language is all that professors look for. Instructors have parameters like systematic referencing, use of proper ancillary devices i.e. appendices, acknowledgements and contents pages. Using subject jargons and grammatically correct languages is also common aspects of preparing a professional paper.

How to avoid:

  • Take a diligent approach to the accepted styles and then use it.
  • Learn the subject, the topic you are allotted with, and the language you will work on for writing the dissertation. 
  1. Procrastination

Starting your dissertation too late often causes submission behind schedule or a missed deadline. Most of the time dissertations contain more than 10000 words. Remember that you need to write all those words on your own, all original words. And it is impossible to finish it off in a hurry. Once you do that, take lower grades for granted.

How to avoid:

  • Start writing early so that you can go through the draft multiple times and manage to submit a quality write-up.
  • Research thoroughly to keep all the information handy. You will save a lot of hours like this.
  • Don’t consider the first draft as final, because there is always room for more slow and regular thoughts, escalating chances of thoughtful interpretation of aspects. 
  1. No editing and proofreading

We suggest proofreading your work several times to wipe out all chances of grammatical errors, typos, extensive vocabulary mistake, sentence construction, etc. Make sure there are no such unintended mistakes left in the paper when you submit the assignment. Also, conduct two-tier and repeated editing of the paper. Each time you check the draft, scan the authenticity of the aspects you have added with the current business scenario. It will help you develop an authentic and well-edited paper. Else, your dissertation will be a pile of mistakes.

How to avoid:

  • We want the students to follow the editing rules to follow throughout the writing process.
  • One can ask family members, parents or friends to read their paper for them to find out mistakes that have been missed. 
  1. Incorrect referencing

As dissertations are based on extensive research, one needs to give credit to the due sources used in the paper. This process is known as referencing or citation, and there are actually very few students who are not afraid of it. The first mistake that students make while referencing is not following the accepted styles. Our experts say citations for the resources used in the paper must be in the proper format. The different styles for citations, i.e. the APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard, must be well-versed by you and the one prescribed by your instructor should be followed.

How to avoid:

  • Confine yourself to the asked styles. Do not show your innovative skills here because it can cost you heavily, even disqualification of the paper.
  • Use offline and online academic sources in a balanced way. Use of only the internet sources or maximum usage of the same is considered as a serious mistake. It often can lead to the rejection of the dissertation by the university.
  • Also, check the sources you are using, and be careful with it. Because it can be outdated, invalid or irrelevant to the topic, you are working on. Hence spending a couple of hours is wise.

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