8 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Grades

You are in a small and dingy room with no windows. Suddenly you notice the only entrance of the room is closing too. No matter how hard you try or what you do, you cannot stop it from shutting down on your face. A similar kind of helpless feeling engulfs you when you see the dreaded 2:2 on your report card. You fear that your friends with 2:1 grades will get a job but no company will pick you by seeing your academic records. That is heart breaking! But have you ever given a serious thought about preventing this outcome? It is not that intimidating the way you think. It can be effortless if you know the right techniques to use! But what are these techniques? Where to get them? We have taken the initiative to create a list of methods that are tested and proven and can help you get a straight ‘A’. So let’s start the process of becoming achievers in the class!

  1. Don’t lie to yourself

It is OK if you make false promises to professors about submitting your assignment. But never do that to yourself. After all, honesty is the best policy. The more you are clear about your strengths and flaws, the more you make right choices for yourself. 


No overestimating or underestimating yourself!


Stick to the words you have promised yourself

When you do that, the chances of facing failure reduce. Students tend to feel confident and optimistic about their work.

  1. Find excellence, not perfection

We generally run after perfect ‘A’s and barely care about the learning quotient. We want it so bad that we forget the purpose of learning in the first place. It becomes a decoration in our academic records if you really can’t use your learned knowledge into practice. So before you are deeply engrossed in the rat race, you need to be clear about outcomes.


Gobble everything without understanding it


Take control of your learning and develop expertise in subjects

When you do that you start owning your world. You start taking control of the things happening around you.

  • Get out of the mess

You might love to live in a dirty room with things scattered around it. You pick up one book and after reading it, you dump it in the big pile. It sounds feasible to you, but in the long run, this don’t care attitude will push you into the trouble. So change yourself when there’s time left.


Leave study materials, assignments and other resources unattended


  • Get yourself an accordion folder where you can keep your already written papers and materials to be used in your next paper
  • Use sticky notes as a reminder of due tasks
  • Mark all important dates on the calendar and hang somewhere you can see

When you do that you potentially save hours in the long run. It will not be easier if you are used to it. But try it at least couple of weeks and you will get the hang of it.

  1. Share your dark secrets

Most of the students feel ashamed of admitting their flaws because no matter how hard we try to deny the concept of ‘perfection’, we all want to be perfect or ‘perfectly’ projected. As a result, students fear to admit their weaknesses to teachers and peers, even to themselves. But researches have revealed, people who can freely talk about weaknesses tend to develop the mechanism of dealing with problems.


  • Feel shy or reserved when you have been pointed out your faults
  • Experience heart break or low confidence due to your weaknesses


  • Talk about those things that really give hard times
  • Ask your friends or advisor about how you should deal with these difficulties
  • Try reading inspirational stories about overcoming weaknesses

When you do that you get to know yourself better than the before. When you know what you are capable of, you make game plans that fit your needs.

  1. Don’t bind yourself in boundaries

The secret of getting higher grades is studying. The more hours you spend in studying, the more eligible you become to receive top grades. Bullshit! There’s no rule that can force you to study throughout the day. It is not even healthy. Our brain cannot function throughout the day. It needs to rest. That’s why students are advised to take regular breaks to perform well.


  • Force yourself study when your brain does not support you
  • Study longer than your friend to keep yourself one step ahead in the competition


  • Create a study routine in order to get yourself organized but don’t need to follow it blindly
  • Study according to your feasibility, never force yourself stick to the study table
  • Take regular breaks and give yourself time to relax in between the study hours
  • Come back to the task after taking breaks

When you do that you successfully balance your life between tasks and no-tasks. It releases you from the guilt feelings of not doing work.

  1. Fail and then fail better

We all prepare ourselves for assessment, be it less intimidating when your teachers ask you a question in class or overwhelming when you are asked to complete a number of questions within a limited time. No matter what type of assessment you undergo, there’s always a chance of failure. Only because have fear of failure, you have a tendency avoid assessments such as keeping your head down when teachers shoot questions or be absent in class tests. But this needs to change now! You have to face your fears!


  • Skip exams in order to avoid embracement
  • Make excuses of not submitting your assignments


  • Review yourself now and then
  • Test your knowledge after learning something new
  • Review yourself at optimal intervals

When you do that the information you are trying to learn gets stored in long-term memory. Naturally, you remember at the time of the assessment.

  1. Be a team player

Walking alone on the weary road makes things difficult for you. But when you have a group of friends around you to support, you feel more strong and confident. Even most difficult tasks seem do-able. That is why many experts suggest students have a study group. It is the second powerful supportive system after your supervisors.


  • Spend time in chatting and doing things that are remotely related to study
  • Ask your friend to your homework


  • Share your problems with your study partners because you never know they may come up with a solution
  • Discuss ideas that you think work for you because they can give you a better insight

When you do that, you easily get encouraged to study and achieve more than your study. It is considered as healthy competition.

  1. Don’t make yourself ‘unhappy’ in order to get some happiness

Most of the students sacrifice their social life when they aim to higher scores. Is that really necessary? Do we really need to isolate ourselves? Not really! You don’t need to give up on things that are not related to studying. You can play football or continue to be the lead singer of a band or dancer in the troop. These extra-curricular activities shape your personality and make you a better person than you are. So take out time for doing something you like or love. There’s never late for taking up a hobby.


  • Boycott everything that might hamper your study when exam is knocking on the doors
  • Lock yourself in the room and study till your brain gets too tired to function
  • Don’t feel guilty when you are not studying but doing something else


  • Strike a balance between your study and co-curricular activities
  • Create a routine where you allot some time for the activity that releases you from tension and makes you happy
  • Take a break between the transition from studying and not-studying.


  1. Stop running in the rat race and start living

Our grading system names only one of us the winner, and rest of them get the tag of ‘loser’. No one wants to be on the losing side. So we run, we run to beat the student sitting next to us. There’s no end of it. If you think after college you will be out of the race, then you are not paying enough attention. But you can deny being a part of this. Simple, don’t think about what others are doing. The thing that matters most in your life is you and what you think about yourself.


  • After getting results, don’t get too excited asking about others’ grades in order to measure your success
  • Compare your strengths and weaknesses with others in order to feel superior


  • Focus on ‘you’ and only ‘you’
  • Find ways to better your skills and abilities

When you do that the burden of seeing yourself on the top gets off your shoulder. You do not have to live in insecurity that everyone is getting ahead of you and you will be the one, who never reaches the finish line.

Thanks for taking time and reading this blog. But your job does not end here. You need to be more proactive and implement these methods in your life. If you want to see yourself achieving something that you have been longing for, you need to take that a step further. Don’t put these suggestions on your back burner and forget about it, use them.

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