9 Dissertation Disasters Students Need to Be Aware Of!

Dissertations are normally presented at an advanced level of academics unlike other common types of assignments prepared by the students. Many students often fail to understand the necessity of writing a dissertation and consider them to be another one of their burdensome assignments. As a result, they can’t do complete justice to the topic they've been assigned with. In this case, some of the reasons students often mention are their lack of knowledge with the specific styles of presenting a dissertation, not being aware where to begin, lack of proper experience etc.

The expectations and objectives of an academic dissertation coach are different. The sooner you get acquainted with this aspect, the better it would be for you to edit your dissertation. When the expectations from the paper are identified, and the objectives are thoroughly deciphered, it would be convenient to maintain the pre-determined guidelines and prepare a dissertation that upholds the academic standards. Having a word or two with your seniors and professors at the university may also aid in eliminating confusions and lowering anxieties.

It’s possibly the most challenging academic hurdle for you cross as a student. Now let’s shed some light on some these hurdles or challenges that students often get perturbed with while preparing their dissertation and end up receiving poor grades.

  1. Determining an accurate thesis statement

This can be quite difficult to pursue. Dissertations demand to be authentic in their treatment and should be able to enlighten the readers with essential information and findings which can further propagate debates and discussions.  Many students may find it challenging to churn out a thesis statement which does all that was mentioned in the previous line. What you must understand is that you should not select topics that are too common or too general. If you fail to maintain this simple rule, it would be tough for you to make the paper concise and narrow down the focus of your paper.

The thesis statement must be focused, precise and finite and where scope for the presentation of arguments and counter-arguments are in abundance. An instance of such a thesis statement is, “juvenile courts are the most impactful way for warding off adolescent crime and can reduce the crime rate.” This is a comparatively focused and precise topic to study about as opposed to “present day youth who are more vulnerable to indulge in criminal activities”.

  1. Writing a faulty literature review

This aspect can be quite problematic for those not exactly adept at conducting research. A dissertation predominantly features an elaborate literature review of existing information depending on the evidence that emerged during the research. You may be required to cultivate many resources, and combine all the details in a structured and cohesive way.

You may also need to sharpen and hone your skills to apply strategies to search online for gathering certain information. These days academic papers are available both through specific online databases other than physical locations like libraries. Additionally, your efficiency in the language of analysis has a defining role to play in shaping your dissertation. Dissertations can prove to be disastrous due to the application of improper language and weak grammar.

  1. Failure to do time management

The inability to manage time efficiently is another issue faced by students. Students tend to make the mistake of not planning for their dissertations. This is why they end up in a state of extreme stress and panic, with so much to accomplish and within a limited span of time. To prevent from succumbing to the pressure and stress at the last moment, what you should do is to put a plan in place and maintain a proper schedule to do it all.

Divide the work in manageable chunks spanning over a certain period and accomplish them one by one in parts, and well ahead of your deadline so that you get a plenty of time to review and make necessary modifications to your paper. Dissertation work is strictly based on authentic research, compilation and presentation of the authentic piece of writing. So you are required to invest an ample amount of time to conduct the research.

To avoid wasting too much time on your dissertation paper which is an integral part of your academic career, you can begin with the preparation as soon as possible by gathering and organising research materials, details and other information on a regular basis. This would provide you with enough time to study evaluate and keep the crucial information and discard the rest.

If you are already aware that you have five months left on your dissertation deadline, make it a point that you start working on your paper, well in advance so that you don’t encounter a scenario where you are struggling to finish multiple assignment papers at once which would only make things worse for your academic performance.

  1. Suffer from writer’s block

Some students are frequently encountered with this phenomenon called a writer’s block, which is the difficulty to write owing to their inability to generate ideas to explain their thoughts. Writers’ block can manifest due to a variety of reasons, mainly psychological ones, in nature. This can be a major roadblock while you’re writing dissertations. To overcome this challenge, some experts recommend writing about anything that comes to your mind, before beginning with the actual work of preparing your dissertation. Indulging in such creative activity for five minutes would declutter your mind and reduce the pressures that otherwise interferes with the skill of dissertation writers.

  1. Selecting a broad topic for your dissertation

The precise topic that you opt for lays the foundation for your entire paper. Choose the right topic by bringing down the focus and make the process easier for you. It is a norm for almost every student to start their first year extremely motivated and enthusiastic about dealing with any major issues connected with their area of study, the ones they have only come across in scholarly articles and academic journals. But the students must know that the scholars and academicians they read about come from universities that allocate a certain amount of budget and offer the scholars with large teams to coordinate with, also the advanced equipment, and a host of other facilities that are beyond the scope of a normal university student.

The university students, being new to the entire process, prepare their dissertation on broad topics and, as proceed further along into the dissertation, they start feeling that they’ve bitten off than they can digest. And as an inevitable outcome, they have to prepare the whole thing all over again by selecting a more focused topic or even worse, continue writing their paper and ultimately put together a substandard and incoherent piece of work which further paves the way for spending another year preparing their academic dissertation after failing to defend the first time.

Being stuck with a topic too wide when you are already a few steps ahead into preparing your dissertation is not something you would look forward to. Make sure not to get yourself into a situation like this. The topic you select establishes the basis for your research. So work on keeping your research topic a little focused and, more significantly, ask your professor or mentor at the University for some Guidance when you are in the process of finding a suitable topic and preparing your dissertation proposal.

  1. Deviating from your purpose

You should continuously question yourself regarding what your readers need to understand so they can decipher your argument. Depending on the answer, offer sufficient background details to comply with the requirement.

Students happen to focus on the thesis statement at the very beginning of their dissertation, and by the time they move further along into their dissertation, they start diverting from the main topic. There is a habit among many students to indulge in discussions about the problems not directly associated with their dissertation. They do this to demonstrate their proficiency in a certain area or simply because they are not maintaining a proper structure for their dissertation.

You must always create a precise and focused structure for your dissertation before you start writing. Also, remember not to get distracted. No matter how much knowledge you have acquired about a given topic, and no matter how intriguing you consider it to be, don’t make an elaborate and detailed explanation about it specifically if it’s not directly linked to your topic. Moreover, before you start writing, ensure you prepare a precise structure and follow that structure through the entire paper.

Other than following structure, you should dedicate every one of the chapters for a particular purpose. Each of these chapters should possess clarity about its purpose from the beginning, and you should ensure that it does not overlap with other chapters. Also, you should utilize something called the “Need to Know” system which is an essential principle in assisting you to determine how much information you should provide to a specific portion of your topic. In this case, you should ask yourself repeatedly what your readers need to know so they can understand your ideas.

  1. Not consulting with your dissertation committee members

Out of the most usual and fatal mistakes that students can make, not consulting with the members of dissertation committee on the draft process, possibly features at the top.

For some inexplicable reason, students opine that the committee members must not be disturbed before the dissertation defence (excluding their mentor, of course). This is a misconception. The dissertation committee in your university consists of the people who decide the fate of your paper. So, you should take advantage of this by knowing what they want to see before being caught off guard during the dissertation defense. You should keep the members of your committee on the loop by letting them read the first draft of your paper. You must approach them without hesitation. The dissertation defense should not be the first time they set their eyes on your paper.

Many committees ask for the first draft of a dissertation before proceeding with the defense. Hence, while defending their dissertation, a great many of the students stare at their committee in astonishment and disbelief. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Before the dissertation defense, present initial drafts to your committee regardless of whether required or not. This will enable you to receive the valuable inputs about the weak areas of your paper, thereby providing you with a scope to address them promptly. Moreover, this way you will not be surprised when defending your dissertation.

  1. Not finding sufficient data

Another common disaster that follows while creating a dissertation paper is finding sufficient data to back their arguments. You can either adopt the primary data or secondary data for your academic paper. If you plan to apply primary data, you can derive the information by preparing questionnaires, telephonic interviews, which takes time and monetary support. It is crucial to ensure that you present with the right sample size to increase the authenticity of your analysis. Secondary data makes use of statistical details from various sources, such as non-governmental organizations, government agencies and telecom companies. Nothing can be more disappointing than knowing that you don’t have the relevant details to base your arguments on after writing the methodology section. To deal with this, see that all the details you plan to apply are accessible from the secondary sources. If you plan on gathering adequate information, take time to prepare a set of questionnaires and sample size and to perform your research.

  1. Not asking for assistance when you need it

Preparing, organizing and drafting a dissertation or a thesis are complex and overwhelming process. You will often come across parts of your dissertation that will be completely beyond your understanding. Under such circumstances, it is an awful mistake to start procrastinating and delaying the process of writing the paper, but more significantly, it can be difficult to cope with the pressure if you fail to get an expert’s help at the right time. In this case, most students often turn to their mentors, but you also have to consider that fact that they remain busy for the most of the day and thus making it impossible for them to address your queries at the right time. And even if they answer, it doesn’t necessarily comprise of an elaborate and relevant analysis your dissertation, and it does nothing for the success of your paper. Many students believe their mentors don’t have enough time to guide them or worse, they offer insufficient feedback possibly without reading the whole thing, leaving students underprepared in certain sections of the paper.

In such scenario, it is easy for students to get flustered and de-motivated, but you shouldn’t feel that way. Don’t let the anxiety get the better of you or allow your emotions to take over. Instead, you should seek help for your dissertation! There are some experienced and efficient assignment service providers who can support you to cope with the entire process of preparing a dissertation. Simply specify your issues and consult with an online specialized in your area of expertise. Look for what they have in store for you. This way, you can get an easy alternative to getting the necessary guidance you need.

But unfortunately, most students tend to shy away from seeking help when they need it. A timely intervention and whether it’s from your mentor, an online service provider or a senior at the university with prior experience, seek help before you end up wasting your time and effort in creating something that lacks in the quality and credibility.

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