A Student’s Journey through the Various Stages of Their Academic Years

The academic life of any student consists of many highs and lows. Some consider it as the best years of their life, and some are not so much fond of the school days. Whatever it may be, these days are memorable and important for any student, because these years contribute largely towards the development of an individual. These years can be segregated into many stages that will include everything from the first days to the last.

The different stages in a student’s life

  • Staying away from the parents for a long time- This is probably something that nobody will remember. Going to the playschool for the first time includes a lot of crying and some joy that you can only experience later. What starts with a weeping kid getting separated from their mother or father for the first time turns into joy and laughter because of the affectionate teacher and the playroom.
  • The first time at school- This is a memory that will be prominent in the minds of the children and their parents. This also begins with some crying for some and excitement for others. The thrill of making friends makes it all the more interesting for some children. The first day begins with some awkward introduction. This is also the place when students come across real lessons which they have to study.
  • The primary classes- In this early stage of schooling, students get all the support from their teachers. They learn to become independent, face struggling situations, and learn about teamwork. The students get acquainted with routines and how to organise their time to make the best use of it.
  • The first exam- At this stage, students have a feeling of excitement as they are going to witness a new thing. For the first time, they go through an assessment of their knowledge and understanding of the lessons.
  • The junior years- From the primary or prep classes, students’ get promoted to the junior years. Here, teaching becomes more subject based and the pupil learn the basic levels of the different subjects. In these years, they get to develop some important skills like thinking and reasoning skills. The classes become more interactive. Junior years are also the time when a sense of competitiveness gradually develops among the students.
  • The secondary school- This is where the lessons start to become tougher. A more detailed study is required for these years. Students’ are given all the training to learn about the more complex subjects like science, maths, etc. The transition from the junior years to the middle years is a big leap for the students. At this stage, the curriculum is designed in a way to help in the cognitive and personal development of the students. The students study a variety of subjects until the Year 8. In Year 9, they get the option of selecting subjects as per their interest. These years continue until Year 9 or Year 10, based on the education system of different states.
  • The senior-secondary years- These years are the most important in any student’s school life. The syllabus becomes the toughest and preparation is necessary to score desired grades in the final exam. These years usually go by with rigorous training and studying for the senior secondary certificate. Along with this, the students also decide the field of study in which they will proceed. At the completion of Year 12, the students receive the final Certificate of Education.
  • The college days- This is the time when a student experiences a new level of freedom. At this stage, many students leave their home to study at a college, which might be located in another state. They become more autonomous and self-disciplined. Their social life extends, including a wider circle of friends and lots of parties. This is also the time when some students take up bad habits and make mistakes. The stream they choose in this phase sets the foundation which establishes their career. This is also when they attend the first lecture by the professors, and realise at the end of a long hour of partying that they have to give their exams as well.
  • The university days- Students who wish to do further studies or get a degree like PhD have to spend some years in the university. At this stage, students become much more responsible and do a lot of hard work to attain their degree. Here, the student is completely on his own as he does the research to prepare his/her thesis paper. This includes many sleepless nights and frustrations. Also, the fear of getting the research work rejected remains with the students. Along with this, this is also the time to do endless reworks or corrections which the supervisors will ask to do. After days of hard work, the day of the graduation and receiving the degree arrives. From then onwards the students get the permission to be called a Doctor.

After the completion of their graduation, the struggle of finding a job greets an individual’s life. The journey continues with some moments of success and other moments of failure. From here on, phases of life become tougher and much more complicated. So, it is always said to enjoy one’s academic years, especially, the school days.

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