An Expert’s Guide to Developing Flawless Dissertation Papers

"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point"

  • Henry Mintzberg, Canadian academic and author

This is perhaps one for the most appropriate quotes on strategy and planning, and it seems to be applicable in each and every sector, including dissertation writing as well. If you are not developing a strategized plan for your dissertation paper, then the entire quality of the paper and its content might suffer in the long run. Writing flawless dissertations depends on a lot of factors concerning the topic, intensity of the subject of discussion and overall dedication of the student towards farming the paper with excellence. Here’re the strategized approaches one can consider opting for, in case he/she is willing to develop an effective dissertation writing plan.

  1. Develop a habit of writing everyday

This should be the key area of focus. One must develop this habit of working on the dissertation topic on a regular basis. Make it a point to write some significant portion of your entire dissertation every day, so that you assure yourself of completing the task in a timely manner. One must consider continuing with the task of writing every day, at least for 15-30 minutes. One can come up with this awesome strategy of keeping track of word count. This will help you maintain the work progress. Try covering more word counts than what you actually did the last day. Writing 300-500 words everyday within a good 30 minutes can certainly help you develop a strategically effective dissertation writing plan.  

  1. Widen your vision on dissertation writing

Following the same old writing style might result into writer’s block and things might not turn out to be as good as expected. Thus, it is better if you try and come up with a broader vision on how to write and frame technically accurate dissertations. You can read books, pick things up from online archives and come up with better and productive ideas for your dissertation papers. If you find anything interesting, then capturing the text, keeping note of the extracted information, recording voices, taking a quick interview and likewise activities can help you come up with better paper quality, thus ensuring a completely strategized approach towards farming the paper.

  1. Write Fast, Edit Slow

This is a concept which was originally developed by William Waters and Sonja K. Foss.  In order to reach your targeted word count, you can consider wiring at a fast pace, and invest more time in editing the paper carefully. One can actually extend his/her writing duration if the person considers following the process of writing and editing separately. At times, students end up taking a lot of time in writing and editing dissertation paper simultaneously. So, you can try out writing the entire paper at first or at least a portion of it, and then move on to the editing part. This might just work well for you if it saves time and enhance productivity in the long run.

  1. Mark the Most Productive Time of Yours

Almost every human being has a productive hour; it can be early in the morning, at the evening or at night. So, it is suggested that you can consider marking your productive time of the day and try completing most of the dissertation task within that period. That will be your writing time, and make it a point not to reschedule or use that time in doing something else. One must take this task sincerely, and shall save that time of the day from other engagements or activities which may affect the writing schedule.

  1. Choose a place to work with minimum distraction

This can be used as a strategically effective idea when it comes to developing an efficient dissertation writing plan. It goes without saying that one can’t work in a noisy place. Thus, in order to increase productivity with enhanced concentration, you can consider preparing the dissertation at a place that has minimum or no disturbing elements which might otherwise hamper a peaceful working ambience.

  1. Learn how to manage time

Time management is certainly one of the most vital factors to be considered for a productive dissertation writing plan. You may have a series of assignments and other academic exercises lined up, but you need to be wise and focused enough in managing stringent schedules, clashing assignments, exam preparations and the likes. Manage each of the tasks in a smooth and unhindered manner so that the activities don’t clash with each other. If you have already started with the dissertation then complete at least a significant portion of the task before moving on to some other task.

  1. Keep a decent number of references within your reach

Since referencing has a major role to play when it comes to dissertation writing help, you need to manage accumulating some significant amount of reliable references from trustworthy sources and archived directories. This will help you further in farming the paper with useful citations, thus ensuring a steady progress in your paper with every technically accurate element added in the copy.

  1. Keep in touch with experts and academic heads

If you feel that the dissertation topic is somewhat tricky and requires a special kind of attention to get the task done on time, then keeping in touch with your academic heads and experts from time to time can help you come up with a strategized plan to finish the task of writing with perfection. If it has been for a while that you are struggling with the paper, then dissertation consulting experts in this matter can actually assist you in strategizing a productive plan by incorporating various suggestions and helpful concepts coming from the industry practitioners.

  1. Take breaks from work if the stress is too intense

If you are truly considering strategizing and developing helpful dissertation writing plan, then taking breaks in between is equally important for a lot of reason. If you become too conscious and take some serious stress in completing the paper in a hurry, then nothing but the productivity will be hampered in the long run. If you feel that there is some serious need or you to take a break, please do that; take a walk outside, visit a friend, read a book and sit back to write the paper again. Things would be on a much favorable side.

  1. Try attending conferences and seminars

Nothing great is ever achieved without a bit of dedication. If you are planning to develop an effective dissertation writing plan, then consider incorporating this idea of attending seminars and conferences as and when possible. The experts of the industry and various academic stalwarts share valuable views and informative knowledge on several topics. You never know which one might just come in handy.

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