What Are The Best Software To Write An Impeccable Dissertation In A Short Period Of Time?

Writing a dissertation requires time, hard work and a proper strategy to present your ideas logically throughout the paper. From deciding a topic, writing an impressive title to crafting an engaging introduction, dissertations can give students a hard time. What if you could make use of these software programs to write your dissertation without breaking a cold sweat?

Most of the students are unable to manage multiple assignments and dissertations within a stringent deadline. But, with the help of these advanced software programs, you can easily complete your dissertation and submit it on time.

Here’s a List of the Best Software for Writing a Dissertation

Needless to say, a dissertation will shape your academic and professional career. So, you must make sure that it is flawless. From implementing correct research techniques to the using the perfect language, everything must be devoid of errors to fetch high grades this semester. Extensive manual effort will take time, although it does not ensure that your paper will be completely error free. Here are the software programs that will make your dissertation impeccable by reducing the chances of errors.


Most students rely on MS-Word for writing the dissertation. But, while formatting paragraphs or inserting tables or charts, you may come across problems on MS-Word. LaTex is an amazing alternative for MS-Word and it is a great software for the ones studying Statistical analysis, Maths or chemistry. It is specifically designed for technical and scholarly writing. If you have to write a document of 10, 000 words or more, it is perfect software for you.

What are its advantages?

  • It works great in handling mathematical equations, figures and tables.
  • You can also integrate the perfect referencing and citation with the help of this software.
  • Another good thing about this software is that you can get an answer about almost any question on a portal that it provides.

What are its disadvantages?

The only disadvantage is that LaTex does not support .docs file format. There might be a problem if you want your document in the Word format. However, some schools and colleges do allow LaTex thesis templates. So, you better cross check with your professors if you can write on LaTex and elevate the quality of your dissertation a notch higher.


If you are Literature student, you’re probably drowning in pile of papers. Keeping every detail organized within one clear and streamlined system can simplify the writing process, and that is exactly what Docear does. It helps you manage, organize, discover and create academic Literature, thereby saving the time of research.

What are its advantages?

  • You can use this software if you are not tech-savvy. It is favoured by users because of its easy and simple user-interface. From sorting annotations to viewing multiple documents at once, Docear lets you do all with ease.
  • It has a collection of tools that can help you manage the references and plan your dissertation without going insane. Categorizing your dissertation into relevant sections make the work easier.
  • If you have a complicated topic, then this software can help you download relevant information related to your topic in an instant. Also, it is free and no registration is required to use this software.

Does it have any disadvantages?

If research is taking a lot of time and you can't write your Literature dissertation within the deadline, then this software is a savior. It has not been reported of having any disadvantages so far. So, you got to use it on your own and see it for yourself.

  1. Evernote

This is one of the must-have software for students aspiring to craft a flawless dissertation. It is also free and has a plethora of services to offer. For a proper dissertation, you need to research as much as possible. But, you might not conduct the entire research on the same day. In that case, you can save all your research details here and get it back whenever you write the dissertation.

Let’s have a look at its advantages:

  • Using Evernote is simple, yet the impact is quite powerful. You need to save the data you’ve collected in it and get it back whenever you want. This software is essentially effective for students studying Business and Management.
  • You can save data not only from the Internet, but also from screenshots and PDFs. You don’t even have to bookmark every website that you found to be important while writing the dissertation.

What about its disadvantages?

When you don’t have a device at hand to take important notes, Evernote comes as a savior. But, the software might lack some features that are present in the desktop and mobile apps.

  1. Scrivener

Apart from standard word processing, Scrivener also provides great assistance when it comes to project management and organization. If you are used to writing your dissertation on Mac, then writing it on Scrivener will not be a problem. If you have problems with editing and formatting your paper, then this software is a good option for you.

Here are the advantages:

  • Scrivener has a drag and drop feature that lets you write the dissertation into several fragments. Writing a long document of 10, 000 words can put you into a loop if you don’t write it in fragments.
  • Unlike LaTex, it is compatible with a wide variety of document types. So, if you want to export it to Word format, you are free to do so.

What are the disadvantages?

The only drawback that Scrivener has till now is the lack of referencing or citation assistance. Also, it isn’t great when it comes to using formatted tables and figures for the dissertation. However, it is quite easy to use and you don’t have to pay anything to get your dissertation done.


Dissertation writing can bog you down if you don’t prepare the strategy to deal with it. As soon as you have select a topic, collect relevant information, save it, plan the outline of your dissertation and finally start writing on any of the software mentioned above. Apart from the above software, you can also make use of SpellCheckPlus or Power Thesaurus to enhance the quality of your dissertation.

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