Working Student? Know the Best Ways to Keep Your Job Safe and Academic Record Healthy Too

A recent survey shows that nearly 45% students have part-time jobs and one in every three students works part-time during the course of study. Now if you too are working part-time and struggling with your studies then this blog is meant for you. Like you, most students work because of varied reasons, and according to an article published in The Guardian, students who work part-time, they do it because of money concern. More than 58% of these students spend money on socialising and 55% on food and bills. Some 38% say they are doing it to save some fund for future and almost 35% are doing it to avoid being in debt.

Whether you are in the freshman year and have started working to meet all your expenses including tuition fees or you merely want your career to take off sooner than others, combining work and study can be way tougher than you have thought off.

According to Andrew Williams, a student counsellor: “Growing tuition fees and flexible class timings are encouraging students to seek jobs, but they fail to understand how this choice can come to their way of completing schoolwork, preparing for semester exams.” He also suggests that such important decision should not be taken lightly.

So when you find yourself in a fix with how to manage study, work and life and maintain the perfect balance between these three, you need to ask experts that how to retain a job while not compromising your study.

What are some challenges that you need to overcome when you combine study and work?

  • When you desperately need to find a job, and you finally manage to get one, you need to put in extra effort and time to take care of your job responsibilities simultaneously with your study. To bag an impressive job, you need to put effort into writing a CV, cover letter and appearing for interviews. It is likely you will find it slightly challenging when you have homework piled up on your desk.
  • You will get less time for yourself and your family. Studying for a degree while working full time might bring demanding years. Most likely you need to put your hobbies, recreational activities on hold for a while.
  • Managing both these demanding tasks can be extremely stressful for you. When you are managing work responsibilities besides attending morning classes, you are left with more stress and less energy. This becomes especially true during your exams or when you need to meet multiple deadlines.
  • Students who are into jobs that demand them to think of fresh creative ideas can experience occasional creative blocks due to fatigue and stress. Doing the enormous amount of work can also affect your grades.
  • You will find yourself with less time for your game practices, study activity and group projects. A significant part of university life is all about creating new contacts, and when your job responsibilities continuously interfere with your social life and study, it becomes hard for you to develop new connections.
  • When you are dealing both with job and study, you need to be prepared for unexpected events to occur. Many times unpredictable work responsibilities will interfere with your schedule, like an unplanned business meeting and urgent task on which need you to work overtime.
  • Check whether you holding a job aren’t affecting your scholarship eligibility. Low grades might cancel out your chances of being landed up with a scholarship. Some universities offer financial aid to students who are exclusively unemployed, so holding a job might finish off your chance of getting a scholarship.

How to manage your study while being the favourite of your boss!

If you want to manage your study while being best at your job, then you need to be the master of time management skills. So here is how you can consider managing your study alongside your career effectively:

  • Schedule the class as early as possible in order to plan ahead of time.
  • Make some friend in your class and always find an inside man who will keep you updated about what has been discussed in class if you can’t manage to come to college
  • Inform both your teacher and employer that you are working student; they might be flexible if they are aware of the situation
  • Get the years' schedule ahead and plan according to that schedule
  • Set goals and give yourself some rewards for completing set goals
  • While you sit for study maintain a quiet environment
  • Get plenty of rest sleep for at least 6-7 hours
  • Eat healthy and don’t skip breakfast
  • If you feel stuck in between job and study you can always find alternative options, like hiring experts to help with assignments. Some universities may let you switch from full-time to part-time study mid of the semester.
  • Create small windows in your busy schedule and take time out to study and revise your lessons. If you drive to work, you can create audio CDs of your study material. Keep those study material handy so that you don’t miss any opportunity to review them.

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