Coming Back With a Bang: Resourceful Tips on How to Recover from Bad Grades in University

“Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe.”

  • Sumner Redstone (American businessman)

The inspiration for success comes from setbacks and failures, as goes many popular sayings. However, if you have just received the results of an exam in college or university in which you did not perform like you expected to, finding inspiration to recover from the setback might be a tad difficult to find. 

So what do you do when your exam results get you so down in the dumps that you think it is the end of the world?

Firstly, it is NOT the end of the world OR your academic career, for that matter. You can always recover from this minor setback as long as you are determined enough to do so. All you have to do is proceed towards your goal with a more strategic plan in mind this time around.

A lot of students simply stop trying after the first term in college when they receive grades a little (or a lot) lower than they expected, and that is wrong for so many reasons. However great the failure or setback is, it is important to remember that this is not final. You have so many other possibilities to venture and try before you find the one that works for you. So why get depressed about a grade in college when you make the tables turn with just a few simple tricks?

Coming to terms with the fact that you received poor grades in the exam is the primary hurdle that you need to overcome. For that, you need a careful analysis of what went wrong the last time.

There might be plenty of reasons that you did not do well in the exam. Maybe you had an illness or injury or faced a personal loss that kept you from putting your best foot forward. Maybe you did your best and still received a bad grade. In case of the latter, what you first need to do is come to terms with the fact that you can do very little to change the grades at this moment. You will need to brush this aside and prepare once again for the next challenge that awaits you in the way of making it till the finish line in college.

Pick up your boots and hold your chin up, for there is no point losing heart over something that is well beyond your control at present. Instead, focus on the future and set up a superb plan that is sure to help you achieve your dream grades from the next term.

Bounce back in style: the ultimate to-do list for recovering from a bad grade

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

  • Henry Ford (founder, Ford Motor Company)

Receiving poor grades in college is hard, and we understand if it feels like a dead weight in your guts. The pressure of academics, facing the expectation of peers, professors and your family back home, and the disappointment and self-doubt that follow a poor grade is a scenario that many students face in their academic careers. You are not alone, and there will be ways that you can recover from this. That is the first thing that you need to get a grip on at the outset. There will be many ways that you can bounce back from a bad grade in college, but you have to put this one past you and work towards achieving a better one for that to actually happen.

The main question is: how can you recover after dealing with a blow in academics? Here are some of the top tips that might help you on your way to making your grades look up on the next exam. 

  • Analyse your grade

First things first – go over your grade as many times as you can. No, this does not, however, mean that you need to stare at the computer screen where your grade appears as a C or B or F, for that matter. What did essentially means is that you need to go deep into the reason of what went wrong for you this time around that you can improve the next time.

Log on to the students’ portal of your university’s website and look at the detailed assessment of your performance through the entire semester. Look for the dissertations where you scored low, the term papers that could have turned out better, or the case studies that were not quite up to the mark. Do not blame yourself or the professors for this. Just pull your boots and be determined to make it past this in the next examination. Since crying over spilt milk will not help you turn the tables for your grades right now, it is best to understand what went wrong this time around that you can hone and polish for the next exam to turn out to be absolutely splendid.

  • Meet with your professors

The second step in preparing for your comeback in the next exam is to meet with your professors. They will be the best ones to help you analyse the areas that need a lot of work while carefully stressing on your strengths. Most professors in the universities really look forward to students knocking on their doors looking for advice. That is essentially how the camaraderie among educators and students grows in academia.

Do not hesitate to set up an appointment with your professors about discussing your grades and performance. The best way to go about this is to prepare a list of questions or doubts that you have in mind regarding your grade. Since your professor is likely to be a busy academician himself, it is best to not while away the time of your appointment by faintly mumbling about how disappointed you are with your performance. It is best to gather your wits about you and meet them with a positive mind. Do not blame them for your grades, because that is not going to take you anywhere. Instead, try to ask for their advice on ways that you can improve your performance for the next exam.

  • Tweak your study routine

It is evident that your study routine needs some tweaking. But what exactly are the changes that you can bring about that ensure a better grade on your next exam? There is no shortcut through this one. You might as well revamp your entire studying style for that matter. Maybe you can try incorporating some of the suggestions that you received from your professors about ways to improve your grades for the next exam. However, bringing about changes in your studying style does not mean that you will need to slog for hours more than is humanly possible.

The secret to better grades is not cramming or studying for long hours. You do not need to keep long hours for studying if you know how to strategise a study plan that covers your coursework like a pro. Study smart instead of studying hard, and you will receive results in all that you do. Devise a plan to effectively fit in trips to the library, lectures, jotting down notes, gathering on resources, and practising your writing skills. This time around, there cannot be any excuses for getting bad grades in your exams. That is the reason why bringing about some positive changes in your study routine will do you a world of good so you can proceed towards your goal of achieving the grades that you have set your eyes upon.

  • Make time for de-stressing

This is perhaps one of the most important things to do in order to recover from a failure or poor grade. Stop being harsh on yourself for that grade. Instead, try incorporating some more of “you-time” in your daily routine. Go ahead and pamper yourself silly during those breaks and you will see how they pay off. The first step towards recovering from the setback is to stop blaming yourself for the poor grade. Whatever be the reason that you received it, since it cannot be undone now, you might as well as accept that and move on towards the next course of action.

Some of the ways that you can de-stress are by including breaks in your daily routine that let you unwind and do things that you really enjoy doing – be it running or catching up with some friends. Indulge in a sumptuous lunch with your friends that let you relax and come back to your studies with a happy mind. Since all work and no play makes you a dull person, it is best to liven up those grey cells in your brain with some fun things that you enjoy doing, like going to the beach or practising yoga. Taking care of yourself in the stressful times of college, especially when you have doubled your efforts towards achieving a better grade, is thus the need of the day.

  • Utilise your resources

Believe it or not, the secret to fabulous grades lies right in and around your campus. Be it the well-stocked library or the vast online archives; your university is really pulling all stops to make education accessible to you. Since you might as well have paid a fortune to earn that college degree, why not make full use of the resources that you can find? Make friends with the amazing online resource that is Google Scholar and revel in the new ways of putting the Internet to great use for your studies.

If you are more of an offline resources person, go hunting for great reads in the library. Get your reading list along and look for books that are not mentioned there as well. The key to splendid success is with you, and once you can unlock the many ways of utilising the resources around you, the better are your chances of recovering from the setback. Attend the lectures and maintain a copy of the notes that you jot down. In case you have to write an elaborate term paper or essay on a certain subject, make sure that you gather up enough resources before you set out to do so. Do not make the same mistakes you made last time, and you are sure to achieve the grades that you set your sights on in no time.

  • Keep a tab on your progress

At regular intervals throughout the next term, keep a close tab on the progress that you are making. Practice writing answers and solutions and get those reviewed by your peers and professors. This will help you grasp the areas that need improvement, and you can accordingly plan to work on them. Feedback is very important for progress, so do not hesitate to ask your professors about the areas that you can hone to make your grades look up. In case you have difficulty in understanding some of the concepts in your coursework, then get help from your friends or form a study group so that they can elucidate those areas for you.

Be on the lookout for signs of your performance in class that scream "lackadaisical" and correct those areas immediately. Checking the progress that you make throughout the term will also help you in preparing the revision routine as the finals approach. Stress more on the subjects that need a thorough brush up and allow time slots according to the matter of priority while preparing the revision routine.

  • Consult experts

Lastly, prepare a list of people that you can turn to for advice at this stage of your life. It may be your favourite teacher from high school, a senior in college or a professional academic expert. Bare your heart about all that you feel and ask for their advice on the best ways to recover from this setback. The chances are that they will be able to guide you in the exact direction that you need to be pointed at, for they know the exact academic scenario and stage that you are in at the moment.

In case you are too overwhelmed with the burden of studies at any point of time, you can always consider delegating some your tasks to some trustworthy academic assignment writing help service online. The experts on those websites can help you whip up fabulous papers that help you get ahead in your studies by many miles. You can also count on their support if you are feeling too pressurised with the piled up dissertations that need submitting in quick succession.

Do not take a bad grade to heart and get all worked up about it. Instead, follow the tips that we provided and look for more ways that you can work out a schedule. Remember that all the positive energy that you devote in preparing the roadmap to success for your next exam will help you in actually making your dreams come true academically. Brush off the dust from your clothes after a fall and start running towards that finish line with more gusto this time, and you are sure to come out in flying colours. Good luck!


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