Britain Calling! Why UK Is the Best Place for Foreign Students: Top 10 Reasons

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

 — Samuel Johnson (Writer)

Isn’t this one quote summarizing that unexplainable admiration one can feel towards a country? Some may argue a pair of new eyes have only seen the best face of UK especially London. But how can one deny the fact that London has the most number of admirers (closely followed by Paris) when it comes to appreciating its cultural diversity!

It’s not just about London, despite being worryingly close to the North Pole, entire UK has a fairly amazing climate condition. The whole British Isles enjoy a loveable and moderate temperature most of the time of Year; the temperature is not as severe as the latitude suggests. You witness the nightlife at pubs that spill crowds onto the streets on a random summer night. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales everywhere you are assured to feel the poise of the enriched British culture and elitism.

UK promises to offer the most exquisite culture, which can be anything from stomping ground of Romans to British Museum, National Gallery; everything has an extra zeal of rich cultural backdrop. You are assured to be amazed by seeing the glitter of the skyline refracted through the Thames.

UK was recently declared as one of the best among developed countries for an enhanced standard of life. The Better Life index described that UK came ahead of Germany, United States and Japan as the best place to live and work. The report published by OECD took into account 25 different factors that include housing, jobs, community, education, environment, civic engagement and health.

What to expect from UK

You will get plenty information online which will introduce you to the brighter side of life in UK. However, apart from rich culture and great tea, another thing that is very likely to make life easier is free medical facilities. Yes, in UK, medical bills of every citizen are paid by the state. Therefore, if one is poor and cannot afford their medical bills or have not paid into any insurance fund then also every check-up will be taken care by the state. The same goes for education. UK provides free education to all school students. With 30 UNESCO world heritage site, 15 national parks and stunning coastline, UK is all ready to provide you with the best living experience.

Why UK is best for international students

United Kingdom is a popular destination for higher studies, and it openheartedly welcomes international students from different countries. Universities around UK undertake 5% of the world’s scientific research and produce almost 14% of the world’s most regularly cited and referenced papers. This country provides an extensive variety of higher education opportunity. More than 100 Universities offer various degree programs for students. Therefore, you must think about coming to this country if you are serious about your higher studies.

In case you are making a list of pros for studying in UK, here are the top 10 reasons.

  1. Top universities of the word

In case you are looking forward to studying aboard then UK can offer you everything to make it the most cherished phase of your life. The prime concern of going abroad for studying is choosing the best University. According to the latest table published by Times Higher Education, 12 UK universities have secured ranks in the Top 100 Global Universities. These include University of Durham, Warwick, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London, University College of London, London School of Economics and Political science, University of Edinburgh and King's College London.

  1. Less expensive higher education

Education costs in UK are lower than other foreign countries. The cost of education in UK is comparatively lower than USA. Programs in USA can cost around $25,000 a year in tuition alone. Whereas tuition fee in most UK higher education Institute generally cost around £6,000 to £7,000 a year, too obvious to mention that it is less than USA. Another reason that may seem alluring to you is lesser duration of the courses. Degrees generally take comparatively lesser time to end in UK than in other countries, it helps you save on your living cost. You can take up any one of the two available options - four-year undergraduate courses or three years programs. Master programs are typically between one and two years.

  1. Availability of students’ discount to find a good & comfy home

When you think of most luxurious and expensive cities to live in, you naturally think of the sprawling capital of UK. Now it will come to you as a surprise that London is not actually the costliest city anymore; that position goes to Oxford closely followed by Greater London. Even York, Bath, St Albans and Cambridge have made it to the top 20 list of least affordable cities to live in UK. In London, rental prices are little higher, but for students extra loans are offered. Keep your eyes open for additional discounts; and you can get a good place at affordable price by availing students’ discount. In fact, with students’ discount available everywhere, you can easily find an affordable place to stay in the above mentioned cities too.

  1. Part-time work opportunities

UK seems to be very promising in the front of offering Job opportunities to students. An international student in UK is allowed to work up to 20 hours a week. However, while being in UK, before applying for any job, you must always check with the international advisor at your institute. You will surely not want to violate terms specified in your visa.

  1. The best breweries

If you especially love beer, then UK has a lot in store for you. Especially craft ales are something that you must try once in your lifetime. Some of the best British Craft breweries are Beavertown, Harbour, Wildcard, Harviestown etc. UK is a renowned beer brewing country and England is known for its top quality fermented cask beer which is called as real ale. So, do you still need something more convincing? You will get plenty of variety of English beer which includes bittern, mild, brown and old ale. Other than these stout, porter and India Pale ales are also brewed initially in London. Moreover, do you know, your favourite Lager style beer is also from UK!

  1. Ample party places for students

Right after beer, here come party places. Nightlife in UK, especially in London, is cheap. Pubs and clubs organise students' nights. If you are looking for fun things to do at night or simply craving for some live music, the country has a vibrant nightlife scene to offer. Some of the best party places around London are Crago, Corsica Studios, Egg London, Electric Brixton, etc.

  1. Safe with low crime rates

Now as you have reached towards the fag end of your list, here comes the most apparent aspect of living in a foreign country: Britain is a very safe place to live in. You can trust UK police. They are the most honest law enforcement department in Europe. Almost all possible danger has been eliminated from life here. Crime rates are considerably low. Guns are banned in significant areas of UK. For this reason, illegal activities are comparatively lesser than any other provinces of Europe.

  1. Multicultural ambience

Asians and other nationals who have live in UK describe the country as the most ‘colour-blind’ folks in Europe as people are polite, warm and welcoming. Everywhere you go, you will be able to see friendly faces. According to data published in 2012 Gallup World Poll, 95% people in UK had trustworthy friends. Therefore, it is doubtful that you would be ridiculed because of your ethnicity or skin colour. Foreigners, who are living in this country for long, have mentioned it as one of the friendliest countries they have lived in. UK is known for its multicultural ambience. In true sense, this country is a jumble of different races, ethnicities and religions. People of UK are very open to new culture, tradition and new way of living life - something which is great for all students from other countries! Be sure of one thing, a place of worship will easily be accessible anywhere in UK for most major religions. Therefore, UK can easily be a home away from home and indeed a safe haven.

  1. Readily available scholarship and loans

Financing your education in a foreign country can be difficult. The best way is to go through a lot of preparation, careful analysis of what you can spend and do the hard work of applying for different scholarships. While applying in UK Universities, you will get a variety of scholarship and loans. UK Universities offers multiple scholarship and loan options which you can avail.

You can check out these resources to know more about loans and available scholarship

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  • Education UK Scholarship Database
  • UK Loans for US Citizens


  1. Well connected transport system

Last but not the least, the transport system here is the best one in Europe. With cost-effective airlines such as Easyjet and Ryan air, you can travel to any part of Europe from UK in the fastest way possible. UK is well connected with rest of the Europe by trains too. Pay 30 to 100 pounds, and you can spend a weekend away in Italy even if you are studying in London or Manchester. Direct flights from London to anywhere in Europe will take around two hours to reach their destinations.

And on the lighter note when you want some fun logic to assure yourself why one must live and work in UK, the following points should give you enough reasoning. In one word, it is the best place to get indulged in art, culture and sports.

  • London’s West End, one of the best and internationally recognised theatres has harboured some of the world’s best performers. Many amazing and spectacular shows, glitzy costumes, out of the world dance and drama performances have written the history of this theatre in golden letters.
  • Nights at Manchester are never dull. Not a night goes music-less in Manchester. You are likely to find live music bands performing at different happening places almost every night in Manchester. Whichever tune is harmonious to your ears, be it classical, rock, Pop or indie, Manchester is always ready to delight its music scene.
  • If you are a student of fine art, then most likely this is going to be the most evident reason for you to book the next flight ticket to UK. Unique street art is very prominent and expressive on different streets around Britain. From well-known Banksy pieces in London and Bristol to mesmerising art pieces drawn by unknown artists around UK, everything is going to make a lasting impression on your eyes and mind.
  • If you consider yourself to be a film enthusiast, then UK must be on your ‘must visit places before I die' bucket list. UK has a wide variety of filming locations all over the country; you can visit filming sets anytime you want. Grand Regency homes are ideals for filming classics. Dramatic backdrops and lush greenery of the countryside have also been seen on famous television series Game of Thrones. Directors decided to shoot much of the season 3 in Northern Ireland. Don’t you want to check these places out?
  • Wimbledon and British Premier League, do we need to say more?

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