Can Thinking Intelligence be Associated with Creativity?

Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation where a regular thought process won’t be enough to get the issue fixed? Or for instance, have you ever faced a situation where all your creative stuff went down the drain and what came into play was nothing but the basic intelligence and common sense, which my friend is not that common these days. What I am trying to project is that at times we might feel the need for creating things that are unconventional yet helpful, and at times we straightaway use our natural intelligence and with a pretty clichéd approach to apply certain theories and technicalities intelligently in order to get the matter solved.

Let me simplify the stuff further; suppose you got a spare beer can at home; throwing it away to avoid a good thrashing from dad is where intelligence comes into play, and transforming it into a pen stand for instance is where the importance of being creative lies. In either of the cases you’re saving yourself anyway, but isn’t it better to use spare beer cans as pen stands instead of throwing it away? This is how you create things and self-tag the object as a part of your productive mind. Thinking out of the box and coming up with interesting ideas can actually solve many issues in a fun way. Now for a much constructive approach and further explanation of the association between thinking intelligence and creativity continue reading through the passages that follow.

To begin with, creativity and intelligence are both functions of our brain that work in order to process information and knowledge that can be implemented to solve certain issues and bring forth answers to the potential problems. Creativity and intelligence both can contribute differently in order to ensure a common result, which is the solution to the problem. However, it is to be noted that limitations become somewhat insignificant when it comes to the matter of being creatively intelligent. On the other hand, you may draw certain limitations if you are using theoretical intelligence to solve certain issues. It all depends on how you wish to manage problems and how effective a method can prove to be in various situations.

One can measure intelligence by IQ (Intelligent Quotient). While on the other hand, creativity isn’t that easy to measure. As I said earlier, creativity can’t be kept limited or restricted to a certain theory and academic approach. There’s a general notion that people having higher IQ are more likely to be creative in life, and people who are extremely creative are likely to have high intelligent quotients.  As per other reliable sources and reports, this notion isn’t always true and it can certainly have alterations.

Scientists across the globe have figured out the interconnection between people having intelligent quotient at 120 and more having higher creative level present in them. We can say that the association between thinking intelligence and creativity isn’t directly dependent or related to each other. However, certain circumstances can cause an individual to come up with their creative intelligence by blending it with their IQs in order to seek helpful solution. A collaboration of two can at times prove beneficial. You can use creative intelligence to solve a problem in a different way, and theoretical intelligence can be used to solve the same problem which can bring forth a much predictive solution on certain occasions. Now the interesting part of this derivation is that intelligence is certainly required in both cases, which we can assume as a common factor. The higher the level of intelligence one would have, more will be his/her ability to solve problems creatively. If you are not using your thinking intelligence enough, being creative might be a difficult task to execute. On various argumentative instances related to the association of intelligence and creativity, the relation between the two has appeared to be somewhat complicated.

J.P. Guilford did an R&D campaign on the “Structure of Intellect model” which consequently helped us have a definition of the association between intelligence and creativity. In this Structure of Intellect Model, the methods of thought process have been put in form of three separate dimensions of ability, namely, products, operations and content. These three separate abilities work collaboratively in order to produce a total of 150 ways of thinking and solving potential problems. Two of the vital operations have been revealed in this model, which are Divergent thinking and Convergent thinking. Convergent thinking can be applies to the problem that has only one solution to it. On the other hand, Divergent thinking is the creative thought process that utilizes different approaches and methods to solve a particular problem, which might or might not have multiple solutions to it. According to the conclusion drawn by Guilford, “the pattern of bivariate distribution of the cases suggests that although high Intelligent Quotient is not a sufficient condition for high DP ability, it is almost a necessary condition”

While it’s a fact that intelligence is certainly important for an individual to come up with creative ideas, but you don’t need to understand rocket science for that. People can be creative without having higher IQ levels, but that doesn’t mean being intelligent is negligible in this context. Thus, there’s certainly a fairly projected idea and derivation of the fact that intelligence and creativity are inter-related, and intelligence is certainly important for an individual to understand creative thought process and how things work.

You may be great at acquiring knowledge and information and in the matter of putting those acquired information to use effectively. But lacking the ability to filter through solutions in an efficient way make take a long time for you to come up with ideas that are actually effective. People having high level of intelligence and the ability to filter through solutions actively and in an efficient manner will be able to come up with effective ideas more quickly.

Being creative is not at all something you can read about and gain knowledge to implement them accordingly. Creativity is at times being associated with natural talent and the ability to think dynamically to solve a certain problem in an effective way. You certainly read about skills and expertise that can be sharpen from time to time in order to maintain that creative thought process thoroughly, but there’s no particular book that can educate you with theories that can be used to become a creative person.

On the contrary, if we take the scientific approach of conducting investigations over 60 years on this matter, it is still not clear how the concept of thinking intelligence and creativity and related to each other. Sternberg and O'Hara (1999), Kaufman & Plucker (2011) provide a general derivation that encompasses 5 probabilities. Creativity and intelligence can either be considered as a part of each other, these may be seen as concurrent sets, and one can take creativity and intelligence as independent yet overlapping pairs, and can also be seen as a completely disjointed set. While there are several such derivations available in this matter, no specific theory is there to define this particular association.

However, in favor of the aforementioned perspectives, there are evidences in support of each of the notions. Apart from the already discussed Guilford’s 1967 model Carrol’s 3 stadium model or for instance the Berlin model of intelligence structure assume a substantial association intelligence and creativity.

To explain the term “creativity”, it is nothing but a concept showing individual differences to put forth an explanative idea why some of us have greater ability to come up with new and out of the box solutions to old issues than other people. Creative intelligence is said to be measured on the basis of self achievement and reports where the person indicates his/her expertise and things achieved across various sectors such as theatre, music, literature, paintings and the likes. According to certain meta-analytics findings and derivations, generally the creative ability and intelligence is approximately r = .20. The most constant and effective findings till date is that creative ability is absolutely related to the exposure and openness of an individual to experiences (Batey & Furnham, 2006; Feist, 2010).

If you can manage to filter old problems better, as already discussed earlier, then the level of intelligence and problem solving potential in you will be considered higher than the one who is losing out on the same. Thus, the notion discussed at the beginning of this blog and hw some people have termed this association between thinking intelligence and creativity “complex”, “complicated” and at times “unexplained” might seem to be somewhat true, because end of the day perspective matters. Different people have different takes on this particular topic, based on their self derivations, research based analysis, implementation of certain techniques and the likes.

As long as you are intelligent enough to come up with smart solutions and effective way out to the concerned problem, nothing on earth should actually bother you. It is to be noted that in a quest to prove creativity, coming up with just another clichéd thought and repetitive use of certain approaches won’t really serve the actual purpose in the long run. What I personally feel is that being creative is a natural phenomenon and cannot be controlled by a particular approach or methodical thought processes.

Intelligence is mostly about the presence of mind and smart ideas people come up in order to manage certain circumstances and solve the problem in an effective way. Now for a presence of mind you are not necessarily required to read books and gain knowledge in the process. Rather it is all about how carefully and wisely you choose to take control of a situation, so that the issue gets solved in exactly the way you have wished to fix it. Creativity on the other hand can actually be put into use in everyday life. From solving managerial problems to fixing personal issues, a pinch of creativity if added to the approach can actually make things look less complicated. But then you need to intelligent enough in order to come up with relevant creative ideas. If you look at the matter with a perspective like this one, then deriving a correlation between thinking intelligence and creativity seems to be a possibility.

So, take life as it comes, if you are facing a problem and looking for effective solutions to it, choose not to panic and consider keeping your cool and implement creative ideas intelligently to solve the matter with precision. And hey! Either throw that beer can away or make a pen stand out of it, it all depends on how you look at the world. Good luck.

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