Check Out These 5 Must-Have Qualities Before Deciding On A Dissertation Coach

For some, the idea of writing pages after pages, dealing with million gigabits of data and synchronising all arguments to prove a thesis statement correct seems nightmarish. When it comes to writing a dissertation, every student knows it is a labour of love which involves spending long nail biting hours in the library, drinking gallons of strong coffee to make your brain cautious while studying late night.

When you are contributing this much to create your masterpiece, you deserve to be trained by a skilled professional who will show you the right way to achieve your dream grades. If it is for the first time, you are encountering a dissertation project then it can be an unsettling experience for you. The challenge of undertaking an independent study can be daunting and to keep your mind in a calm state, you need an experienced shoulder to rely on. In order to help you with your massive workload, it is likely that your university will allocate a supervisor to you who will assist you to complete the dissertation project on time.

Writing a dissertation is different but how exactly?

Writing a dissertation requires a higher level of knowledge as compared to other forms of assignments. Many students do not appreciate the necessity of being assigned to a dissertation assignment. Hence, without the right supervisor, you may not be able to do enough justice to it. The majority of students who lack dissertation or thesis paper writing skills blame their incapability of writing a winning project to their unfamiliarity with the style of drafting a dissertation, not knowing where to start and not having prior experience.

You need to familiarise yourself with different stages and steps of preparing a dissertation at the earliest to bag highest score. In order to write a dissertation that fits the academic standard of your university, you need to understand objectives of a dissertation paper clearly.  Drafting a big project like this can be daunting, but with proper guidance from your supervisor, you will be able to lessen anxiety and doubt in this regard.

What are the expected roles of a dissertation supervisor?

  • He is someone who will help you to decide the topic and advise you, which reference reads you must go through
  • He is the one who is supposed to help you with formulating ideas and hypotheses
  • He or she will guide you to structure the dissertation into sections and different chapters
  • Your dissertation guide or supervisor is someone who helps you to organise your paper
  • He or she will help you to keep your progress in check
  • Your supervisor will assist you in the matter of presentation of your overall dissertation paper.

It is a hell lot of work for one person right? So while selecting the supervision, you need to be highly cautious. According to Lewis Wolpert, the professor of Biology at University College of London, choosing a supervisor is as important as choosing the right topic. And it can be tricky for many, as it’s hard to know much about a dissertation coach until students start working with them.

It is too obvious to say that students will check multiple factors before selecting their supervisor. However, it is shocking how many students do not bother to consider who is going to be their supervisor.

So, here are the 5 qualities of a dissertation supervisor you need to check out if you want to sail through the troubled sea of writing the dissertation.

  1. Working style

Odd as it may seem, but in the process of selecting the prominent supervisor starts with the very first thing of accessing what kind of student you are and how frequently you will not mind getting feedback from your supervisor. If you are someone who needs constant guidance from your supervisor, then you must choose to work with a person who is willing to check frequently on your progress. If you are writing a dissertation for the first time, selecting a coach who loves to get engaged will be more favourable for you. With frequent contact and feedback, you will be able to make substantial alterations in your approach and presentation of facts. So if you want someone to be constantly on your back telling you what to do and what not to, then prefer someone who loves to supervise students in how to make every single move. Therefore, you must go for someone who is willing to invest a great deal of time to make sure you are going in the right direction

On the contrary, if you are more of a lone wolf, don't want too much of interference as you work on your project and don’t want to report back to your supervisor until you get a tangible result, then a detached supervisor is someone who is perfect for you. Working alone without much interference can be tough at times. It can be peaceful and fruitful for those who have previous experience in working on dissertations or research papers. In case you are thinking about working on your own with least communication with your supervisor then make sure you have a clear idea about how to deal with basics of writing dissertations, for instance you know how to choose your topic and how to write the dissertation proposal, etc. If you already know these, then only you are safe on your own.

Even if you have a preference for the second approach, be careful while choosing the supervisor as a constantly absent or chronically unavailable supervisor is not ideal for even the most independent of students.

  1. Seniority level

Many other factors also need to be considered while choosing your supervisor, like the experience factor. For example choosing a senior member has both various advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for someone, who is experienced in his or her field of work then choosing a senior staff will be beneficial for you.  A higher-ranking member will obviously be more skilled and will likely to have his or her own group, which means you can expect many other helping hands at your hour of need. However, because he or she holds a higher rank in office, it is very likely that the person will always be caught up with other things. Senior staff take roles of greater responsibilities in the department,  head of the department, director of research just to cite a few so, he or she will only get a very little time to devote to you.

On the contrary, a younger supervisor, may be less experienced, can actually monitor your every move and his or her lack of experiences may be compensated by the enthusiasm and genuine interest in your progress.

  1. Exceptional contribution

Whether a junior or a senior; someone who is contributing exceptionally to his or her field of expertise and has been invited to speak at national and international conferences will be the obvious choice. Before you choose your supervisor, you need to think of possible answers to questions like do your supervisor will get enough time to devote to you? Are they approachable beyond office hours? Are they willing to support your career? If you are thinking about making research your profession in future, you also need to consider if they have key contacts that can be vital for you in future. You also need to think about if this person is willing to teach your skills that would help you to sell yourself in the job market or not.

It can be hard for you to find a single person fitting all of these requirements.  Finding out, which features really matter to you, can help you to choose your supervisor and avoid disappointment later on.

  1. Highly approachable

If you get the opportunity to meet various supervisors at the beginning, then you must grab the opportunity with both hands. Meet as many scholars as you can before you decide on your coach. According to Gerd Gigerenzer, director of the Max Plank Institute for Human Development in Berlin, meeting different supervisors will give you more insight about your dissertation topic. By meeting as many people as you can, it will be easier for you to choose the best coach.

Proximity plays a crucial role here. While choosing a supervisor, you need to check who stays closer to your home. Remember on a day-to-day basis you need to spend more time with your supervisor, so few hours after office hours can be well-managed only if your supervisor is ok with that.

  1. Comfort factor

Now you might ask as, how you are supposed to find out if your potential supervisor has all qualities that you are looking for. It's is too obvious to mention, that the most trusted way to know if a certain supervisor is the best one as per your preference is to meet with him in person. Only talking to all of them individually, you will be able to find out what is their individual attitude towards supervising others. You can also try to assess your comfort level in working with them with talking to them one on one. In addition, you can check on their previous students to know how their experience in working with any particular coach was.

Working with a supervisor becomes easier when the relationship between you two is not forced and easily developed into a substantial professional and personal collaboration. If you want to stay in research, who knows, your good relationship with your supervisor may soon open new professional opportunities for you.

While meeting your supervisor for the first time, you need to follow some golden rules of making the first contact.

  • When you are meeting your supervisor for the first time in person, remember you need to be formal while conversing with him or her. Along with being respectful, you also need to be open with him or her to discuss your option while taking up the research. Before meeting him or her, check the title; if he or she is a Dr. or Prof, do not call him a professor, if he or she has a doctorate and Dr Prefix before his or her name.
  • Your potential coach is a busy person. You need to engage them in order to show that you are very keen to take up a particular research. So while conversing, you need to hook them. You can try to grab their attention in order to prove yourself as a potential future researcher. You should bring up some associate and interesting topics related to your dissertation, and you need to see how the topic matches with his or her expertise.
  • In order to find one supervisor, it is never advised to send a mass emails to different universities as this might create confusion afterwards.
  • While talking to numbers of potential coaches if you are sending the same emails to all of them, make sure you have changed all relevant information to match whom you are writing to. The wrong university name or even any simple error related to the designation of the supervisor can dismiss your chance of working with a talented coach.
  • If you are meeting your supervisor for the first time or writing an email, you must keep it short and to the point. Avoid overstatement and unnecessary prolongation of ideas.
  • Do not be over enthusiastic and demand an immediate response.
  • Very importantly, before choosing a supervisor, make sure you have read the publication.
  • However, before meeting any potential supervisor for the first time, you need to do some homework and prepare a set of questions. You need to ask these in order to make sure that a certain person is a right coach for you. You need to choose someone with specialisation on the subject of your dissertation.
  • Be fully prepared to answer questions like why are you here? Why did you decide to do a PhD? Or why this subject/ topic / idea/etc.

Take your time to choose carefully, and enjoy the benefits of your choice in shaping your career. Choosing a proper supervisor can make or break your career so pick your research guide wisely.

Flip side

Now there is another side of the coin, according to various surveys, it is evident that 75% of foreign students cannot express themselves well in English and it becomes tough for them to write lengthy assignments like a dissertation.  Universities take their money without checking their language and communication skills. Therefore, these students are left with no other option than struggling with assignments, which seems like a never-ending process for them. Not only foreign students, but most UK students also do not feel that they are getting enough formal instruction about writing and structuring a write up while attending lectures.

Geoff, a PhD in Marketing at University of College London, says, "I am fine on research, and I can talk about the subject up to certain point. But when I am required to write 90,000 words, it becomes tough for me to put things together and express ideas in proper academic terms and for this I need guidance’.

When it comes to 400 plus pages thesis or dissertation, many students feel like guidance from a supervisor is not enough always. Many times supervisors are preoccupied with lots of other responsibilities, so students feel they are not getting enough supervision from their coach and finishing off that dissertation feels like a distant dream.

To avoid a situation like this, while choosing your supervisor be very cautious and discuss all your options clearly. Let the person know what kind of guidance you are expecting so that your supervisor can devote a certain amount of time to help you with writing that tiresome long assignment.

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