The Surprising 12 Similarities between a Dissertation and a Relationship

Dissertation writing is a lengthy task, which needs an absolute commitment from the writer. Whether you hate it or love it, you have to do it. If you are wondering how on earth it is like a relationship, then, the following information can enlighten you.

Why Dissertations and Relationships are Alike?

  • Number 1: You have to be committed to it- As mentioned above, you need to give your full concentration and a lot of time to construct a perfect dissertation. You need to stay completely dedicated to it, just like you have to stay committed to your relationship no matter what comes in your way.
  • Number 2: It takes time- Writing dissertations is a long process, so naturally, it requires time. After working on it for a fair period of time, it will turn into a beautifully written document. In order to develop a relationship filled with trust, understanding, and love, a good amount of time needs to be given to it.
  • Number 3: You have to do it even if you hate it- At times, we feel like stop editing dissertation as they become an unbearable burden. But, we can’t because the points allocated to them impact our final grades. In the same way, individuals with whom we share either blood relation or even romantic relation sometimes get on our nerves that makes us feel like end the relationship. But, we cannot.
  • Number 4: Spending the night together- You will have to spend many restless nights for your dissertations. Just like you do with your partner.
  • Number 5: It consumes your life- When you have to write your dissertations you will not be able to think about anything else but finishing that never-ending paper. Since you are responsible for the task, you will have to give all of your time (and life) to accomplish it just like in a relationship.
  • Number 6: It is the result of your choice- Dissertations are to be written on your chosen subject. Moreover, the future of your dissertation lingers on the subject you ultimately settle on. Similarly, the future of your relationship will also depend on the person you chose as your partner.
  • Number 7: You support it no matter what- In a dissertation, you have to develop a thesis and respond to that using logical argument. You have to provide several pieces of evidence to defend that thesis. Similarly, you always support your relationship and partner against all the odds.
  • Number 8: You have inside-out knowledge about both of them- In order to write a high-quality dissertation, you have to collect every piece of information on it. Thus, you gain in-depth knowledge about it. Also, before getting into a relationship, you gather all information about the person to be on the safer side.
  • Number 9: You learn a lot about yourself while dealing with them- In the process of dissertations proofreading; you learn what are your strong and weak points like research skills, typing speed etc. When in a relationship also, you get to know yourself better than the before.
  • Number 10: It will decide your future- Based on how good your dissertation, it will be decided whether you will get a top job or not. Similarly, your relationship determines whether you will have a fulfilling life ahead or one which is filled with distrust, pain and misery.
  • Number 11: Both involve paperwork- Dissertation itself is to be written on paper. In relationships too, so many paperwork are involved starting from basic bills to the marriage registration papers.
  • Number 12- You do everything together – When it comes to dissertation writing, you have to get fully involved in it. And that means, your dissertation will literally travel with you, from libraries to coffee shops, you will carry your work. The same happens when you have a partner. You venture into everything together.

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