The Obstacles while Doing an Internship and a Dissertation Simultaneously

Multitasking is always challenging and is sufficient to exhaust a person completely. But, certain circumstances make people multi-task. As for a student who is doing any professional course, he/she has to juggle between finishing their internship and writing a dissertation for their course. It is not hard to imagine the challenges that students face when they have to do this.

Even though it feels good to tell others that you have a job while studying, in reality, it can be a total nightmare. Let’s look at some of the most common problems that the students juggling education and job have to face:

  • Lack of sleep- A dissertation is usually very long, which can extend to more than ten thousand words. So, naturally, a student will have to invest a lot of time to complete the paper. Thus, after doing an eight-hour job, students have to spend almost the whole night, working on the dissertation. This is why spending sleepless nights become a regular thing for the students. Lack of sleep also creates a problem for the students to attend morning classes. As a result, they often feel too tired and too sleepy both during class and at work.
  • Stress- It is natural to have acute stress problem when individuals are under so much pressure. They have both the tension of completing their dissertation on time, as well as, doing their job at the workplace. Also, working at the office for a long period of time and again working on the dissertation after reaching home becomes too hectic for them. This leads to immense stress which gives birth to more complicated health and psychological issues like depression, low self-esteem, etc. This affects the quality of the work and also the health of the individuals.
  • Poor performance- When a person is juggling between two important tasks like internship and writing dissertation, they cannot fully focus on one task. An individual will always worry about the other task in the back of the mind. Naturally, without full concentration, a work cannot be completed effectively. Consequently, the performance of the individual gradually decreases. Thus, the quality of whichever work they do, gets lowered. As mentioned before, other factors also work behind the poor quality of the work produced by them.
  • No time for oneself or family- At times like this, individuals often miss out on family programmes or going out with friends. In general, writing a dissertation alone takes up all the time in the life of a student. When this is added with an internship, it leaves out no time for the individual to spend after himself/herself. When they cannot give time to their family, it results in minor conflicts, and the student undergoes depression and stress. As mentioned above, this leads to more complications in the later years.
  • Meeting the deadlines- From the workplace to the academic institution, there is a specified deadline for every work. At the workplace, if one does not meet the deadline, it will create a bad impression and affect the performance sheet. At the academic institution also, if the deadline is not met, it will affect the grades which one will receive. By juggling two works at the same time, individuals have a hard time managing the time for both. As a result, individuals have difficulty submitting the work on time. This is one of the reasons for the poor grades of the students.
  • Lesser pay for the time spent on internship- Considering the time that students spend at the workplace, they get much less pay. It can be said that they gain experience and knowledge. But, it is also true that if their academic performance gets affected due to a poorly written dissertation, the student will have a problem getting his/her preferred job in the future. It is worth wondering, if it is a clever idea to do both an internship and write the dissertation at the same time.

 It can be seen that there come many challenges when a student does an internship and writes a dissertation simultaneously. Even though students of professional courses cannot avoid this, it is possible for them to manage their time effectively. This way, they can make a perfect balance between the two and complete both the tasks with efficiency.

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