Improve Your Employability Skills by Writing Law Dissertations

Like many, you too probably are quite apprehensive about your ability to do justice to a dissertation project. Undoubtedly dissertation is the most challenging task that you have to do at University, but it would be the most rewarding as well.  Natalie, a Law Ph.D. scholar at the University of Manchester, says: ‘I worked on a dissertation as a part of an elective module, and I really enjoyed the time. I think it’s only one time in UG that one gets to look at a certain subject with that much depth. Being little nerdy, I always enjoy researching on new things. And working on a dissertation surprisingly gave me that opportunity.’

Student-counsellor Flynn Bowie suggests, ‘By working on a research paper one can easily show some research and interviewing skills which later he or she can mention on their CV as well.’ He also adds, ‘If one is considering going for post graduation then it would be useful for them to write a dissertation. Previous experience of writing a lengthy dissertation is always helpful to continue post-graduation.'

We can promise you that there are some benefits of writing a dissertation!

When you are on the verge of starting your dissertation, it is the proper time for you to think of advantages to continue such work. This will keep you motivated while you slog over a lengthy dissertation assignment.  Yes, you are likely to find it stressful, and at times you will feel like giving up. But as they say, ‘Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine’. You will find the light at the end of the tunnel. One thing for sure you will pull through these moments and if you put in enough work you will be able to write something that will worth a read. You will be able to learn a lot through the course of writing the dissertation, hope this assurance calms your mind, give you some boost, and you start gathering up all your strength to work on your dissertation.

Here let’s start with some obvious. 

Improved research skill

A lawyer's strength is not much with knowing the law but knowing where to find the law. Just like Thomas Jones, LLB and LLM from city law college, has written his dissertation on 'the exception of parodies to copyright law', has since worked as a research assistant for professional Daniel Wilsher. Just like Thomas, working on a dissertation can positively shape your future.

Researching skill is something that will always be there for you. Taking up a dissertation is a foolproof way to enhance research skills. As a law student, you need to provoke your inquisitive mind in finding the back-story always. Having the chance to explore related areas of law outside the seven core modules can offer you an edge in job interviews. Graduates who have completed a dissertation will have exceptional skills that others will lack. Skills like a specialism and potentially useful knowledge that will set them apart and will move them ahead of others.

A 10,000-15,000 word thesis enables you to develop transferable skills that would later help you to progress in your law career.

Thomas says ‘I gained the practical research skills from the time when I was working on my dissertation. The most significant benefit of writing the dissertation was, being able to go in depth of a particular topic. Research skills include everything from locating reliable sources efficiently and assess expert opinion. Conducting interviews, setting questionnaires are also talents that one can gain from working on a dissertation.

Improved writing skills

In addition to research skills, you learn how to write and present a write up most impressively. While writing dissertation, you need to present cogent arguments convincingly and you learn to break down complex information into smaller feasible bits of data and present it in a more straightforward format. While writing a dissertation maintaining structure and organizing all the information precisely is also crucial. You learn how to segment a long and complex piece into chapters, subsections, heading and content page, etc. This skill is especially useful when you are studying law, for in legal profession you need to compile bundles of files and documents on a regular basis. 

As a law student, you need to adopt some essential skills to set your career on the right path. Writing a dissertation will help you with adopting these skills.

 The scale of the research project

Dissertation Experts pushes you to have an in-depth look at something.  To prepare the fully written and bounded research paper you need to be more into academics. So experts always suggest choosing a topic for which you have a genuine interest. By working on a dissertation, you will be intellectually satisfied. But there lies a simple issue, on researching a topic, you will see that others have already worked on it. Don’t get disappointed for you will also be able to see gaps in those research. These gaps in research will be your scope to take your study further. 

Experts suggest that you just need to start with an idea and then move with collecting data to frame the research paper.

Academic assignment writers suggest to start writing the dissertation with a list of topic and then to perform the initial research to check whether the information is available on any particular topic. If you find it troublesome to deal with one topic, you can switch to any other topic. When you first start to look for the information, you might feel uneasy with too much information. You need to learn how to choose only relevant information from a pool of data.  

Many times while working on any research paper, you will feel that you will never be able to get to the end product. But while working on a research paper, you will lose your way and will again find the right track, and in the process, you will be able to learn a lot of things which will be beneficial for you. Try not to think about just now. Even if you feel stuck with your dissertation, work with dedication and take help of an expert and soon you will eventually get there. But before you start working on your paper, it's always important to take notes about areas of research which you find interesting, so that later it becomes easier for you to find perfect topic for your paper.

Skills that you adopt along the way

You might feel a jolt of fear run through your heart at the mention of dissertation or thesis. Instead of fearing research project you need to see the abundance of possibilities that could come from working on a thesis or research paper.

Like any other lengthy project, you will gain so many relevant skills to apply for jobs. Yes, it’s true that while working on a descriptive and analytical project you might feel drained out, but the moment you think about working on a paper which will serve the purpose of enhancing your skills you will feel motivated to keep writing your paper.

All types of major papers are usually assigned near the end of the degree or doctorate programs. Any type of research paper involves in-depth research and experimentation with the ultimate goal of getting to know some new aspect of the topic. As already have been mentioned future benefits of writing a research paper are numerous. Wondering how exactly working on your dissertation will pay you off? Keep working on your paper, and soon you will realize that writing dissertation is worthy of your time and energy. These relevant skills will surely enhance your chance of being ended up with your dream job. 

Time management

When you are working on a detailed paper, you need to be the master of time management. Not only you need to balance writing dissertation alongside other modules, but you also need to learn how to prioritize specific tasks that need to be done urgently.  So while balancing your dissertation and all other urgent tasks, you need to learn how to manage and allocate time to complete different responsibilities simultaneously.  You need to plan personal goals while keeping some time aside for the dissertation to make considerable progress.   Like this way, you will be able to adopt new time management skills. 


Communication is a must have in today’s world where you need to communicate, motivate, pursue others continuously.  Besides explaining your thesis to the assessing board, you need to explain your project to your peers, friends, strangers who are simply interested to know about your research. Sometimes you might need to define your research in layperson's terms. So by explaining your project to people, you get to learn how to communicate your research to different groups of people.


You become more adaptive to different situations like attending a morning class then head straight to the library to work on your research paper. With your dissertation, you will probably change the writing direction multiple times. And when you frequently change the writing direction you learn to keep calm under stressful circumstances and not to flip out, by doing this you become more adaptive to tackle nerve-racking situation at work. This also teaches you to change and step out of your comfort zone which will pay you off big time while being at a job. It gives you confidence in yourself, and you don't fear failure. 

Skill of choosing the job that you would enjoy

Even though it's easy to get lost in the stress of writing a dissertation, you can't forget that overwhelming positive feeling about completing a huge task on your own. The main piece of advice is: while deciding a topic for your dissertation, choose what you love and have an interest in. Often everything will seem aimless, and you won't be able to see which way you are heading to with your dissertation, but if you stay motivated and driven, you will be able to complete your paper within the deadline. While you are working on your dissertation, many times you will feel like quitting but at the end when you get a positive result it gives you a jolt of positivity, sense of accomplishment and self-worth, which in future will make you confident enough to take challenging jobs with open arms.

By the end of the dissertation, you will turn into a better person with a positive outlook to the future.

Writing a dissertation is very good for enhancing your ability to work independently, you become more self-motivated and self-discipline.

Building up contacts

Although writing a dissertation is predominantly independent work, you need to deal with a lot of people in order to complete your paper. You will be assigned a supervisor- another potential benefit that you gain when you decide to work on a dissertation. The relationship you build with people who you are interviewing or with your supervisor will be beneficial for you to advance your career. Staying in touch with the supervisor will be particularly useful for you as you are maintaining professional contact with a person who is an expert in your chosen area of study. Your supervisor can introduce you to further opportunities.

Yasmin Khan, a law graduate from St Mary's University, had a good rapport with her supervisor which had helped her to land up with impressive job offers. ‘My supervisor has helped me to enhance the quality of my CV, which has helped me to get job offers and interviews’.

Parting words

Writing a dissertation is never a plain sailing though. Daniel Roosevelt, a recent law graduate, says: ‘I had to neglect other modules because of the sheer workload of writing law dissertation when the deadline was nearing the situation becomes worse.’

So writing a dissertation will always eat up most of your time. It’s a vast commitment of time which you need to invest in order to get it done within deadline. If you are already overburdened with assignments or with family responsibilities; it can cause stress, anxiety nervousness and what not. If you are ready to ride the rollercoaster of emotions, then you must not miss opportunities that dissertation brings.

While working on a law dissertation, you need with such large workload independently this is for sure rich experience itself. In one hand it will introduce you to higher stress, and on other, it will also teach you how to manage that stress.

It not that while entering the legal profession, a trainee likely doesn't need to draft a 15000-word document by researching lists of books journals. But having coped with writing a dissertation will make tiring tasks such as examining a particular case, preparing and presenting short skeleton argument comparatively minuscule. How we assist students to go easy on the dissertation?

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