How to Tackle the Hurdles You Are Likely To Encounter During Antibiotic Stewardship

Antibiotic resistance is emerging as the newest threat that is sending shockwaves to different segments of medical science. Since eternity, doctors have been prescribing antibiotics to prevent the spread of bacterial infections.  Now, with this new menace in the picture, a growing number of infections are taking monstrous shape, as now it is becoming harder to treat diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, Salmonellosis and Gonorrhoea. On increasing numbers of patients, antibiotics are becoming less efficient, which is apparently a matter of concern.

How did it come to light?

As per WHO’s website, drug resistant infections kill around 7000,000 people worldwide each year. And this figure will only go higher to ten million by 2050. In 2016, University of Cambridge performed a study during which researchers found a superbug strains of E.coli. Previously many microbiologist and researcher have revealed the existence of this unique strain of superbug. Microbiologist Professor Valerie Edwards-Jones puts all blame on adding antibiotics to animal feed. She writes by doing this, we have introduced antibiotics into the food chain and thus has increased the opportunity for bacteria to get resistant to antibiotics.

If you are reading this blog, it means you are already a healthcare professional, and you can quickly apprehend what can are all possible risks. If this resistance continues to build, it would be more like 19th century when people used to die from any typical infection even after undergoing routine operations. Any standard medical procedure like knee or hip replacement would become highly risky. And treatments that initially suppress the immune system such as chemotherapy or organ transplant would become nearly impossible.

The shocking figure of 10M death by the year of 2050!

Resistance antibiotics could lead to deaths of almost 10 million people globally by 2050, a report by the UK government has revealed. This particular study has been described as profoundly influenced by the BBC. Report of this research has brought forth few recommendations, which are difficult to implement but necessary, according to economist Jim O Neil.

Amongst the report's recommendations is a proposal to make it obligatory for drug companies to research new antibiotics. If required actions are not taken then we will find ourselves losing the war against superbugs, says professor Dame Sally Davis, a government's chief medical officer for England. Economist Jim O Neil also stated that unless the world acts on this, medicine could be cast back in the dark era.

So what needs to be done to fight back this situation which is as grave as terrorism?

Medical science again needs to prove it's superiority over infectious diseases. The medical profession has come to the point where again it needs to win the battle with death to protect humankind. New and more efficient antibiotics are the only way towards an infection-free future. Edward-Jones says that the war against the bacteria should start at home with maintaining the basic hygiene.

Till now UK hospitals have spent almost £250m to increase infection awareness since 2005. These programs mainly include measures such as stringent antibiotic prescribe protocol, increasing use of hand sanitizers and imposed restrictions on visiting hours. Davis has supported the idea of expanding awareness and infection-resistant related knowledge among doctors, nurses and vets so that our healthcare professionals become more alert about risks and advantages of prescribing antibiotics. How to maintain a healthy balance between underprescribing and overprescribing of antibiotics to treat common infections? 

What role does vaccination play in preventing the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria infections?

Vaccination is the most effective public health intervention. Not only it diminishes infection rates but also decreases the demand for therapeutic cures. Now how vaccination can help us to corner antibacterial resistance?

According to the latest study performed by Vaccines Europe, the first pneumococcal conjugate vaccines previously had shown significant impact in reducing the chances of resistance. So hopes are emerging out of the dirt. And you as a healthcare professional have to take a lot of responsibility when it comes to bringing the change. 

We congratulate you on being among the first few who are getting ready for the big war, among human and superbugs!

You are on the right track by taking up this course!

University of Dundee, Stanford University and many more reputed universities have developed an online course for medical professionals on how to become more aware of antibiotic resistance. This particular type of program is called antimicrobial stewardship, which is a fast-growing field that mainly focuses on to address the issue of antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance. These courses are most likely to develop skills related to treating infections while thoroughly following IDSA guidelines. You will get through knowledge about how to manage acute infections like rhino-sinusitis and severe bronchitis. These courses will make you more aware of antibiotic dose management to treat diseases like sepsis.

So these courses mainly focus how to use antibiotics safely and prevent any chance of antibiotic resistance. You will get to interact with other professionals working globally to understand different aspects and forms of antibiotic resistance. By completing this course, you will be able to rightly comprehend why the World Economic Forum has placed this threat alongside climate change and terrorism on Global Risk Register.

So on completion, accreditation will get attached to your resume, which will surely make you a more competent candidate in the highly competitive job market. It doesn't matter if you a doctor or nurse this particular course is definitely going to add more value to your CV.

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