How to Accomplish Your Dissertation in Just 30 Days?

Need to wrap up your dissertation within four weeks? Here’s an insider’s guide on how to complete your dissertation paper documentation within a short span. Last moment rush can entirely spoil your dissertation so it is better to buck up from the very first day.

Under such pressure, students even thought of quitting universities. The confused pupils perform incoherent researches and present papers with inconsistent and irrelevant data. Some of their logic does not even support the hypothesis or arguments they have tried to define in the research papers.

“How is it possible to complete my entire dissertation in just four weeks?”

Tasks seem impossible till the time you are nervous and overwhelmed with your responsibility. Staying calm under pressure and working with utmost efficiency is the sign of professionalism. Know the simple hacks that help you to organize your projects before the deadline.   

Divide the whole dissertation into smaller chunks

The pressure of completing the entire paper in 30 days seems a burden for every student but, the job becomes easier if you break down it into multiple chunks. Create your own small target, which looks easy to pull off.

Suppose you have to finish a dissertation of 10,000 words within a month. The workload looks like it is impossible to achieve but for your comfort, you can simply make a target of 500 words a day. The calculation indicates that you have to write 3500 words in each week resulting in completion of the assignment within three weeks. You must keep the last one week for proofreading and necessary editing.

Plan the structure before you start writing

Designing the outline is possibly one of the most important segments of dissertation writing. You need to plan the structure before starting and then flow accordingly. The best way to avoid unnecessary pauses while drafting is to opt for a thorough research. Collect the relevant data and jot down conspicuous notes in a notepad for easy accessibility.

A plan-proposal for you:

First week: Complete the literature review and methodology

Second week: Work on two-three chapters depending on your weekly word target

Third week: Try to complete the main discussion and referencing

Fourth week: Proofread the entire document and work on the bibliography.

Leave the introduction and conclusion for the last

Probably one of the most common advices every senior pass on to their juniors. That’s because the introduction and conclusion portions are easier than the other chapters of the dissertation. The discussion on the assigned topic in the literature review and building a solid argument in discussions that needs a lot more focus. Concentration seems to shrink by the end of the fourth week and it is better to leave the less strenuous work for the last.

Make sure referencing and citations are authentic

Even a slightest mistake can cause you a big harm if any of the references are incorrect. You must insert the sources maintaining a proper format so that your paper never faces any rejection. Citations are essential if you input any quotation or text. Other than this, you must also include all the referencing websites and books from where you have derived the data.

Your referencing format must satisfy the requirement of your institution. If you are not sure about the style, draw a clear concept from your faculties or take help from online tutorials.

Proofread your dissertation from tip to toe

Re-read your articles before submission so that you don’t have to make any compromise with your assignments. Proofread the content for 3-4 times, so that you can provide quality assurance. Check for grammatical issues, misspellings, faulty sentence constructions, incorrect citations while proofreading the paper. If the essay requires any editing, do that and finalize it before the deadline hits.

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