How to Write Dissertation on Topics Concerning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Writing dissertations can be a challenging task at times, especially when you’re assigned with a topic that needs to be researched and analyzed thoroughly before writing the actual copy. While it goes without saying that dissertation is a form of academic assignment that is required to be written with precision, and only after a thorough accumulation of every necessary detail related to the topic, there are certain topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the likes that require special attention and citation of past and current instances.

To begin with, it is to be mentioned that every company has a Corporate Social Responsibility which makes the body responsible for any kind of activity that may affect the environment, community and people. Thus, when you are about to write descriptive essays or dissertations on CSR, you need to be quite careful in the matter of including every vital point, along with the addition of every necessary detail in the sections such as Abstract, Introduction, Hypothesis, Methodology, Literature Review, Discussion, Conclusion and References.

  1. Framing the Abstract

The Abstract section in a dissertation is of great significance. It tells about the topic in brief, a rough idea of the contents that are going to be added, and what solutions that can be implemented in order to solve the issue. Keeping the word count within 300 words is recommended where you’ll be talking about the entire purpose of the study, what you have analyzed, and the major findings in a summarized form. In this section you’ll also be required to mention briefly what conclusion you will be drawing finally. Remember, following the format as regulated by your academic institution is crucial.

Here’s a sample for your help and reference

The study tells us about the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on businesses. The paper notifies us on how CSR affects the level of job satisfaction of employees, how the advancement of social media communication has also influenced the significance of CSR …

  1. Writing the Introduction

Although the Introduction and the Abstract sections may seem to be somewhat similar but Introduction is much explanatory in nature with in-depth content and frames up the entire background on which the topic is based. It is to be remembered that writing an introduction requires you to talk about the entire purpose of writing the paper. So, it is better if you can come up with a descriptive tone while writing the Introduction. It is also recommended that one must try coming up with the introduction after forming the main body of the paper. This will help present a strong content on the needful implementations.

Here’s a sample guide on how to start with an Introduction

This paper tells us about the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Business and what aspects of CSR activities, ethical values and social responsibilities are to be taken into account with regards to client retention, stability, uninterrupted cash flow, talent acquisition and …

  1. Writing the Hypothesis

For an impressive and useful hypothesis, you need to read scholarly articles and consider a through research before commencing with the task of writing. Hypothesis is basically the projection of an idea on what one thinks is going to occur in the study or the experiment being made. Thus, in order to write a decent hypothesis, you need to read as many books as possible and look for reliable sources and research based analytical details in order to come up with your own version of prediction on what you have already read and analyzed. As a part of suggestion, it is to be mentioned that a hypothesis generally follows a format that has an “if/then” tone. Assumptions and possibilities play a crucial role, provided the content added makes sense.

Here are a couple of examples that can help -

  • If the employees are not treated well, then the company might lose its manpower eventually
  • If the organization produces too much toxic wastes, then the employer might be booked on the grounds of violating environmental acts and regulations …


  1. Coming up with the Methodology section

Methodology is considered as the most vital part of thesis and dissertation papers. The purpose of adding methodology section in a dissertation is to explain the activities and steps that are to be taken in order to investigate and analyses certain situations based on research and by applying the various types of methodologies available; namely the qualitative and quantitative methods, and at times it can be a combination of both of these methods. A well structured and informative methodology section has to be in-depth and should be based entirely on the study and explanation on how samples were accumulated, what materials were used in order to conduct the research and the likes. One should consider maintaining a transparent and incisive tone while writing the methodology section.

In case of framing a dissertation on CSR, you can follow the given format in the sample.

The approach proposed in the study is qualitative in nature and accumulation of relevant details and other analytical data can be done by conducting interviews with the company managers, employees and supervisors who are responsible in the CSR projects and activities associated with the company …

  1. Writing the Literature Review

The purpose of adding a Literature review section is help the readers get access to the highlighted points of the paper quite easily. In addition to that, it also restricts other readers from copying the original work. It helps in allowing the readers to understand and analyze where the future prospect of that particular research is actually heading towards, and highlights the key areas that need to be focused upon.

 The Literature Review section should consists of critically analyzed contents of the literature and the sources that are published related to that particular topic. The section deals with scholarly articles, every relevant sources and survey books related to the topic concerned. It is to be noted that one should frame the paper with technically accurate data and compilation of contents. Defining the subject and the possible scopes for the review is important in this context. You have to analyze, explain and discuss the conclusions and findings of the sources that were selected and refereed to.

If you are adding a literature review section for your dissertation paper on CSR, then make sure that each of the major findings have been highlighted, having a constructive format , along with the analytical representation of the research methods used by other researches on that particular topic. You can also keep these following factors in mind while framing the literature review.

  • Inclusion of the subject overview, the issue concerned or the particular theory which is being followed
  • Consider highlighting the scopes that can be utilized in order to research further on the topic, which is Corporate Social Responsibility in this matter
  • If you are planning to add other author’s work or references in your review, then consider analyzing the fact whether the conclusion drawn by the author is adding to that of your own perspectives.


  1. Now comes the Discussion Section

In case of dissertation writing, the entire purpose of behind adding a discussion section is nothing but to explain and thoroughly describe the importance of your findings by taking into consideration what was already known with regards to the research issue being worked on. You are supposed to add anything and everything that might solve the purpose of a new derivation or understanding or helpful insights on the issue which might have been eventually narrowed down after you have started working on the paper.

In case of writing dissertations on CSR, you can add new interpretations and other explanative insights that you have discovered or analyzed during the process of research and analysis on the issue concerning the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on business stability. Here are few tips that can always come into play in case of framing an effective Discussion section.

  • If you are stating something or adding answers, then it is crucial that you should also consider defending your answers by adding convincing and explanatory contents for or against the topic concerned. Remember, if you are placing arguments in the paper, then it should have both side justified. Then only you can expect to come up with explanations that are convincing.
  • If you are about to add or discuss on any expected or a rare finding, then it is to be made sure that you begin the passage with the finding, and then move on to the descriptive part of the context.
  • Do not forget to explain how the conclusions and results of the research based analysis of the topic impact our understanding and knowledge on the topic being investigated.


  1. Writing the conclusion part

Once you are done with the main body by including every necessary detail and convincing points related to the topic, it’s time now for you to add an impressive conclusion. Your dissertation conclusion on the impact of CSR on business stability and organizations should accomplish the purpose of including these three points.

  • You should restate the actual idea of the essay in form of statement
  • The three vital sub-points of the essay should be summarized
  • The conclusion section should also serve the purpose of impressing the readers with a nicely crafted content with an interesting final touch.


  1. Last but not the least; reference plays a crucial role

Adding proper references and maintaining absolute accuracy in the process is certainly important. In your CSR dissertation if you are using references and excerpts of the work of other authors, then creating  separate section acknowledging the referenced drawn becomes certainly crucial. Here’s what to include:

  • Author’s or editor’s title
  • Publication date
  • Include the web page, journal article or chapter’s title, if you find them appropriate
  • Publication’s title (include the volume or the edition of the publication)
  • Publisher’s name
  • Translator of the work
  • Page number for the chapters and journal articles included

The referencing style may vary on the basis of the academic disciplines and other instructions given by the individual academic heads and institutions. It is to be noted that there are several research based theories, analysis and depictions available online. Failing to add references after using any of the available resources won’t help you score the desired grade. Thus, in addition to giving importance to all of the suggestions, tips and guidance mentioned above, consider adding references carefully as well.

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