How Your Undergraduate Dissertation Can Make You Favourite amongst Recruiters

It is the time of the year again when undergraduate students are required to submit their final assignment - the Dissertation. If you listen carefully, you might hear the beats of the racing heart as the D-day is coming. For many, Dissertation this word itself invokes a fear of unknown. Do you too wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats? Then probably you need some word of wisdom for you need to know all your hard work is going to pay you soon. Generally, undergraduate students don’t get enough experience prior to starting with their undergraduate dissertation assignment about how to tackle a research-based lengthy assignment. It is a popular belief that a final year dissertation can help you to land your dream job. Yes, it can, but at the same time, it is going to be the most demanding project of your college life. But here lies the question whether this challenging task is matched with potential benefits for your future?

Right now, probably the 10,000-word mountainous task is blinking on your computer screen, half-done. You may think that it’s just an undergraduate final project and you just need to get over with it as nobody really does care about an undergraduate dissertation, at least not recruiters. Believe it or not, this dissertation can make or break your professional career. “I still remember my first encounter with the undergraduate dissertation handbook,” recalls Flynn, a law graduate from the University of Northampton. “I felt my heart sinking at how long the file took to download. Yes, I can link so many horrible memories with my dissertation that I would rather prefer to skip college than doing it all over again.”

Now you may be wondering will striving to get the best score at the final dissertation automatically place you one step ahead of those who are casual about writing their paper. In an article published in The Wall Street Journal, Marisa Taylor says employers aren't always bothered about how much a candidate has scored in his or her undergraduate dissertation, but at the same time, many employers look for that perfect candidate who has the exact skills which can be acquired while writing the final dissertation. In a survey, a considerable number of employers said that they prefer hiring a candidate who demonstrates a rare combination of critical thinking, problem solving skills and ability to think independently. The study also reveals that many top-ranked hiring managers believe that recent college graduate needs to improve these skills to enhance their chance during any job interview.

What else can you expect from your carefully crafted dissertation?

A well-researched and cautiously written piece can showcase that you have all these above mentioned skills. It also shows that you can go beyond your duties to achieve a higher goal. Writing a 10,000-word extended assignment shows commitment, love, dedication perseverance, the willingness of taking initiatives and self-motivation. You gain perfect amalgamation of all required skills while writing your dissertation which you will be able to use throughout your career. Isn’t it great!

By completing a dissertation paper, other than getting the satisfaction of doing something big on your own and gaining in-depth knowledge about any particular topic, you also get to experience a lot more like learning a new perspective on any known topic, and the sense of accomplishment after completing your research project is comforting at the same time. Yes, surely it is a precipitous task which challenges your capability and skill. To enjoy working on your research paper, you can gear up your dissertation towards a specific area on which you want to concentrate while applying for a job in the near future. For instance, if your dream job is something that comes with a title like social media coordinator, social media manager for a well known brand, try to write your dissertation by concentrating on social media. If you want to be an account executive, then write your thesis on firm culture while focusing your research on productivity. All your research and knowledge will convince employers that you are passionate about the field and you are completely prepared to successfully take up a career based on that particular subject matter.

On the other hand, if you are writing an average dissertation what you can expect to land up with?

It is too obvious to mention that writing an average dissertation will not automatically put you ahead of others while you are going in for your desired job. You need to wrestle to get one step closer to a high salaried job if you lack in job-oriented skills. If your undergraduate dissertation paper is well researched, you may still gain some employability skills. Try to work on a topic that you are passionate about in order to make your research paper a quality piece which will impress employers instantly.

A dissertation is not a 'front of the line' pass which will take you straight to the interview room of any big brand. Employers say that students must get some real-world experience and get involved in student organisations to be more competent and job ready. It is known to all; employers always prefer to hire candidates with professional experience over a fresher who have simply written a final year dissertation project. So although writing impressive dissertation is essential, it is never the only factor which can boost up your chance of getting into your dream job profile. So if you aren't a well-rounded candidate, then it is most likely that employers will look the other way and you will fail to make an impression. Despite your impeccable dissertation on which you have slaved over and worked so hard, you will not get a return call from the HR.

So if you really want to gain overall employable skills, become an expert on a specific field of study, and your undergraduate dissertation is giving you this chance of adopting such skills which will enhance your chance of getting your preferred job. But along with working on your dissertation you also need to participate in student organizations to gain relevant experience in your field. Gaining real-life experience can sometimes be as important as writing a quality dissertation and will definitely boost up your every chance of landing your dream job with your dream company.

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