Know These 20 Curation Tools For Writing A Dissertation Proposal

There are many prominent assignments that students come across when they are in the university. One among them is writing a dissertation. The definition of a dissertation and its norms vary from country to country. In UK, a student faces the task of writing a dissertation at the Master's level for independent research. Sometimes, a dissertation also comes at the undergraduate level too.

To most students, the term ‘dissertation’ is bone-chilling though it is very simple to pronounce. This is due to the reason that the entire document needs to be picture perfect as because grades and entry into a workforce are associated with it. Technically a lot of things are associated with a dissertation, and one inevitable thing is writing a dissertation proposal.

Now, this is a sort of double pressure on the students because a dissertation proposal holds topmost importance but not a grade. Answering to the very obvious question of why UK students are very much aware of the fact that both the dissertation and dissertation proposal holds a crucial importance. One, for the grades and the other one, initiates the procedure of writing the dissertation to get the grades.

To those who are confused between the two, i.e. dissertation and dissertation proposal, here is a brief explanation of what they are and why a dissertation proposal is essential. A dissertation proposal comes before a dissertation. To give a brief definition, a dissertation proposal is an academic paper that is written before one starts to write a dissertation. In this paper, a student states the reasons for doing the dissertation and the whole blueprint of execution of the plans that are made to proceed with the dissertation.

This dissertation proposal needs to be approved by the university committee and only then can a student move forward to writing a dissertation. As a word for information, all students must check the university rules of the fact that whether the university states a dissertation proposal to be submitted for writing a dissertation.

Now coming to the approval of the dissertation proposal, there are many factors that determine the decision, and undoubtedly the most important of them is a proper content of the paper. This is because the committee evaluates and scrutinizes the ideas checking if the research will add subsequent knowledge for knowing the subject further. And these ideas must be conveyed to the reader accurately.

Hence content and the representation of the ideas through words are important. There are many benefits of writing a dissertation proposal and one among them is that the student becomes clear in his/her ideas. Hence this reduces time wastage and keeps aside anything that is unnecessary.

Coming to the aspect of editing a dissertation, there are many things associated with it. One of the prime things is the content as one has to state the ideas and furnish supporting information. Content, data, facts, figures, information, etc. everything makes up the dissertation proposal together.

Standing at this present time, the Internet is an inevitable part of every student’s life. And almost all of them use the Internet to search for content online. In the past, searching for content was a backbreaking task, and now there is so much content available that it becomes tough to select content. It is so because only quality content is needed for academic papers like dissertation proposal and content can be easily found, but ‘quality' content is tough to find.

The credit goes to the much ‘fake' content and other stuff that is uploaded every day. Thanks to them that only the parameters of difficulty have changed in finding ‘quality' content for dissertation proposal papers. The issue of finding valuable content bothers every student struggling to write their dissertation proposals. Effective utilization of time is reduced by a great proportion and writing a dissertation proposal takes a lot of time since they must be accurate in information.

An effective solution to overcome this issue is to curate content or content curation which has picked up the pace in the recent years. It is a very good way to start with the process of writing a dissertation proposal as content mentioned in the paper must be accurate. Let us see what actually content curation is.

In simple terms, content curation is a systematic process of going through all the different sources of information that is available, sifting them according to the most interesting or the most informative ones and then delivering them to the intended audience. Describing it more and a little bit technically, content curation can also be termed as digital curation.

The role of a content curator or a digital curator is quite similar to that of a librarian. The librarian has a collection developed through books while a digital or content curator goes through a similar process only that it is done through the Internet and using the web resources. Now content curation needs a lot of skills and abilities as because there is bulk content out there and every day it sees a huge amount of addition.

It requires a lot of intelligent thinking and constant evaluation on the curator’s part as because the person must determine which content or information is true and worthy of being selected for the dissertation proposal paper. Additionally, many tools have been developed to make the process easy, and anyone can use them to get the benefits of authentic content lying on the Internet.

Now there are different types of tools for curation of content, and it depends on the individual on what he/she will use to collect information and data on the topic. One can go for social bookmarking where links to favorite websites can be saved, notes can be added along with tags that have a description of them so that they can be easily found.

And there are some tools for digital curation that helps the user to select videos, articles, pictures, photos, tweets, online content, and websites about the keyword that the user gives in the search box. All the available content can be organized and collected together. One can add notes for an explanation of the context, ask questions about the topics, give individual opinions, etc.

Again there are learning playlist tools that are distinct from others as they have an education twist to them. They have a platform to give intricate learning experience. This helps because all the information is given in a step-by-step manner as it helps them to learn the things one at a time in a progressive way. This is actually helpful as only writing a dissertation proposal paper does not help, but one must know what he/she is writing in the paper.

Now there are also tools that give you articles that you have been looking for specifically. You get selected information from different sources. Popular articles come on the top of the list, and you can sort them out according to your needs.

These tools are actually great for students who are struggling to collect content and gather information from verified resources to add to their dissertation proposal. Not only can they gather information but they can also write notes and pin them for linking.

Here is a brief about few effective content curation tools that help to dig the much-needed content.

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo allows the user to sort by content type like infographics, guest post, videos, etc. Sorting also comes by date range, viewing the backlinks, setting alerts, the authenticity of authors, the most shared ones, etc. This authenticates the originality of the content, and one can use it for the target audience.

Buzzsumo is a huge resource to find the most shared content with a huge number of reader’s like and the largest audience. One can type in the search box any keyword and get an ordered list of all the content that revolves around the topic according to the viewer’s preference.       

  1. eLearning Tags

eLearning Tags comes absolutely free of cost, and you can do a lot over here. A lot of helpful information is available here on various topics that are associated with eLearning. Content search is divided into 12 categories to narrow down the search and quickly find useful resources. The categories are: Events, Research, Jobs, Social Learning, Authoring Tools, eLearning, LMS, Instructional design, Gamification, mLearning, Infographics and others.

eLearning Tags is the first social Bookmarking site where the resources are based on a community of eLearning professionals, and the number is 500,000. On this platform one can discover, discuss vote and share interesting content.

  1. Diigo

An acronym for ‘Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff’ Diigo is a social bookmarking site where you have to sign up as a user to tag web pages. You can also get a premium account for full-text searches even on cached copies, page URLs, annotations and tags. 

Diigo gives a feature called Groups where you can bring together like-minded people to create groups to share common resources. Groups can be kept private or public. However, you do not have to create any account if you need to explore the public groups. Another outstanding feature is that you can follow the people you like or want and go through their collections.

  1. Pearltrees

Referring itself as ‘a place for your interests’, Pearltrees is a free curation tool with an excellent visual and collaborative platform for learning. This is a great place to add any web content that you like and arrange them into trees. You can make separate collections here and keep adding content to it.

Pearltrees not only allow URLs but also lets you upload files, photos, notes, etc. An exceptional application for visual learners, you can just drag and drop things in the way you want to organize them. Furthermore, you can also make sub-collections, get involved in social curation using Pearltrees Teams, synchronize accounts with Facebook and Twitter, etc.

  1. Pocket

Pocket is the best tool to keep all the saved articles together. Pocket can be used as an app or as an extension in the browser where you can tag articles and arrange them in groups. Pocket has a very strong search functionality that helps in finding articles easily among all your saved contents.

Whatever you find, you can easily put it into Pocket and organize all the items later on. This app is also known as Read It Later and is extremely helpful in saving and organizing the news articles. Termed as a ‘handy app' Pocket is one of the best android applications.

  1. it

Tagged as ‘a very elegant content curation platform’, has distinct key features that make it stand out in the crowd. You can follow people and see what they have in their collection, rescoop any content that you like that is similar to Twitter’s retweet, find content from suggestion engines and even from your own bookmark, share scoops through social media platforms, RSS feeds and even blogs.

You can also create newsletters for the content that you have curated. gives you a platform not only to curate content but also to make your presence online where you can have thousands of followers relying on you for the best content and verified information.

  1. Evernote

Evernote allows users to create ‘notes’ that can have anything in them. It is a cross-platform app that allows you to put in notes, organize stuff and even archive everything that you want. You can add anything that you want starting from a text, photo to voice note, webpage, etc. Evernote supports any environment, any platform and any device as well. You can create notebooks stacking the notes together while you can also add tags, edit the notes, give annotations, write comments, etc. 

There are several apps and tools that make Evernote very user-friendly. The Scannable tool helps to capture and scan papers quickly. Skitch is screenshot editing and sharing. Web Clipper helps to capture anything from the web page.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular curation tools that students use to get a hand on information and content on any topic. Available on Web and as an app, Pinterest is very handy when you need quick and accurate information on anything that you want. Pinterest is ideally summarized as a ‘catalogue of ideas’.

Pinterest has a huge plethora of features. You get pins where a pin is an image linked or uploaded from a website. Hence you can pin whatever you think is necessary for information and later use. You also get boards which is a collection of pins. And you can follow users too over here to see what collection they have pinned in Pinterest. 

  1. Feedly

Feedly serves an RSS feed where you can curate content using specific domains, keywords, topics, etc. The application lets you to easily organize all content into what is called ‘boards’. You can also flag certain content to read it at a later time. Feedly gives you the flexibility to share the feeds through different social platforms.

Feedly has a highly personalized interface, and it goes by the words ‘organize, read and share what matters to you'. As per them, you can stay ahead of the curve as here you get content that you need to accelerate your research. You can share feeds, get ideas to works and a lot of more things.

  1. Curata

Curata is well-known among the people in the business category. Though this is also a content curation tool and students can use it, this falls into the enterprise category that most business needs as they have higher and sophisticated demands. Curata is precisely designed to meet those needs.

Curata is not much pocket-friendly, but if you can manage to invest in buying this, you can be sure of getting a very strong platform that gives a solution to meet the complex writing needs of your academic papers. You can customize the content according to your specific needs where you need to create a profile for that. This application uses natural language processing along with machine learning and artificial intelligence to power up the search.

  1. Dipity

If you are looking forward to creating a digital timeline, Dipity is one of the best website and tool for timeline creation. Dipity allows you to organize content according to date and time. There are a lot of things that you can do with the content. You can create and share content and even embed on a collaborative and interactive platform. You get visually engaging timelines where you can fit in audio, video, images text, social media, timestamps, location, external links, etc.

Dipity gives you the option to share the timelines which you have created privately or publicly. The application is also compatible with most devices and operating platforms.

  1. Storify

Storify is actually a social network service that is different than other social media platforms for it lets you create great stories. Using this digital storytelling platform, you can turn those boring social media post into gripping stories using videos, photos, tweets, etc. And even you can publish them as well as embed anywhere you want them to be.

In Storify, you can search for content using keywords where you will get content picked up from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Flickr, etc. You can create timelines and drag content into it. Also, you can add a comment and embed URLs into the stories.

  1. Quora

Quora is a typically different content curation tool and also a website that is based on the question and answer format. You can ask questions and get answers to it. Also, you can answer other's questions. Quora has its own community where content and organized by them.

Quora is well-known for content that has answers to very function-based questions. You can dig up content that gives answers to an industry-specific question. Since all the content is moderated, you will find that most of the answers are correct and accurate. Working on a keyword research tool, Quora is one of the best places to put question-based keywords and get answers for that.

  1. PublishThis

PublishThis is also an enterprise based solution that has a very strong and robust search engine. Claims made by PublishThis state that the application generates such great content that it can increase business by a high rate. Mostly used by businesses, it does not mean that students cannot find content using it.

In fact, students can save 5X more time with searching content here as because PublishThis has been tagged as the one-stop shop for content curation. The application is reputed for its high-quality content generation where the content is engaging and new in information. You can organize and share all the content that you have curated to different applications and platforms.

  1. li is one of those applications that send you news on a daily basis based on the choices that you give when you create an account. The service is free and uses machine learning, natural language processing and socials signals to collect related content from the web to give you your daily newspaper. With you can just pull up content using just the hash tag. also gives you the flexibility to include individuals, groups, and other things that you follow in social media like Twitter, Google+, Facebook so that the searching of the information or cont becomes easy. You can also change your preferences whenever you want.

  1. Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a little different curation tool. It is a cloud-based application and is a flexible start page tool that can be customized. The application allows its users to add all the important links in an easy to use format. You can also organize and categorize the links and arrange them in the form of buttons. Working only from a web browser, you can also use Symbaloo as your homepage.

Symbaloo gives you the drag and drop option, and hence you do not have to go to the pages every time to add your favourite content. You can also search for content within your saved tiles, and the search result ends in giving you the most appropriate content. You can also access major news links and sites to curate content.

  1. CurationSoft

CurationSoft is a very user-friendly platform to curate content. This has a paid and free version, and it is very obvious that with the paid version you can access any content that you want from anywhere. This is desktop software and is self-explanatory with varieties of features. Most worth mentioning this is that CurationSoft is the first of its kind that saves all the posts to your site.

The software also has the drag and drop feature where you can drop content into any HTML text editor. Due to this, you can use the software for static and dynamic HTML pages, any platform and even forums accepting HTML. Claims made by the software states that the process is fast and hence students can save a lot of time using this.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard marks its difference from others with the tag that goes like ‘create your magazine and flip through it’. The application collects all the news feeds, content from social media, the photo sites etc. and put together in a magazine form that gives the reader a unique experience. You can also select the articles that you like and put it is a format of your own thus creating your own personalized magazine.

You can share your magazine with other people as well. Flipboard also goes with the tag ‘the one place for your interests', and it really is because it organizes all the world’s stories that interests your passions. You will find a huge variety of topics ranging from technology, entertainment, news, health, design, photography, etc.

  1. LessonPaths

LessonPaths is also a great interface to gather resources for learning. You can collect a lot of resource from here and arrange them in a logical way which you can use to facilitate not only yourself but also others. Content can be shared, and you can too view others content for your use. The application can also be used for a little exploration to add extra knowledge.

LessonPaths exclusively has links that have tutoring content on diverse subjects. Under the browse category, you will find different links that are categorized neatly and subject-wise like Math, technology, art, language, etc. It also has categories like universities, for teachers as well.

  1. Gibbon

The idea of Gibbon is very simple, and that is to allow people to share with others the knowledge that they have for the benefit of the others. You can create a playlist by picking a topic which can be anything and put in content. Also, the search mode of the site is very simple. All you need to do is type the keywords and get the results.

You will get a lot of credited resources like site links, articles, images for your use and the most wonderful thing is that every information that is put up in the playlist is cited, i.e. citations are given, and sources are credited. This gives the surety that the information mentioned is accurate.

Content curation tools are very powerful and if they can be utilized in an optimum way, they will not only find authentic content for you but also save time and make the paper more readable by audience engagement.

Students who are weighed down by the back-breaking task of writing their dissertation proposal and confused with where to start looking for content, content curation tools are the best place to start with. You can sit and consult with the supervisor over this and use the tools to find the content you desire.

For a dissertation proposal, nothing is more important that proper and authentic content that holds a stand for the topic on which you want to write your dissertation.

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