What Are the Things That You Unexpectedly Learn While Doing Your Masters?

The global literacy rate is well above 80%, and it is increasing as more people are taking an interest in studying. With this, the number of students getting enrolled in a master’s program has also increased by a fair percentage in the last five years. The global hubs of education see a huge number of applications each year for the ‘M' degree which clearly indicates how students have taken an interest in higher studies. 

Thanks to the contribution of the universities that are coming up with specializations in different subjects that is opening the doors for more students to join various programs. In fact, the contribution of the demand for specialists in different fields has increased to a good level which is also one major reason for more number of students to join the race.

It actually feels very good to get enrolled in a specialization course that would either enhance your career or help you to get a fat paycheck and if it is from a reputed university that would be an added laurel in the cap. Also to many students, it brings a smile as a prize to their strength and faith in themselves through which they have successfully overcome all the hurdles and fulfil their dreams finally.

But doing a master's degree is not only about specializing in something. There are more things to it. If you think that studying a master's degree is like studying a bachelor's degree, then it is the time that you change your perception. There are a lot more things through which you have to pass. Students actually do not realize this as because they remain so much occupied with the studies and doing assignments and projects that they hardly find time to sit and think to go through the realizations.

Now, the thing is that students who are getting enrolled in the master's programme start building up a lot of expectations and dreaming of what life can be while doing a master’s degree. This is very common and nothing unusual. But what is unusual is that with the expected things, students do not think of the things that may come ‘unexpectedly. We all know that our life is not as smooth as we expect or want to be. Hence together with the expected things, it is always good to expect the ‘unexpected’ things.

There are many such ‘unexpected’ things that students face while doing a master’s degree. Some are good, and some are bad. They learn what they are, what their effects are and how to handle things. Whatever they might, let us see few good things that students learn so called ‘unexpectedly while they are doing their master’s degree.

Most of the students think that since the master’s degree is about specialization and that the number of papers will be less there will be less study pressure. The bachelor’s degree has a lot of papers and does take up a lot of time from the students. But in the master's degree, the things are opposite. Students completing their master's degree unexpectedly learn to handle the study pressure. You might raise statements that students learn to handle pressure before getting enrolled in the master's degree. Definitely, that is very true, but the thing to be remembered is that the master's program has a shorter duration and more of study work. We also must not forget that there is a thesis involved in the programme and that students must cope with both the studies and doing this research work along with other assignments.

The next thing that comes unexpectedly is coping to work and study anywhere. Most students since their childhood will hear their parent telling them to go to the study room and do their studies. If a study room is not available then to sit at the study table in their rooms and study. On a whole, it can be concluded that studies must be done sitting at a proper place in a quiet environment so that you can concentrate and do your studies properly. This is also followed even by most students while doing their bachelor's degree. But let us get a warm welcome to do the master's degree where you learn just to sit anywhere and do your studies and complete your work. The key point to this is learning to adapt to all kinds of work environments. This is one of the talents that a student doing a master’s degree must learn and develop if he/she has to survive in the process.

Both the above mentioned points can be linked to each other. On one hand, students learn to handle the utmost pressure, and on the second hand, a way to handle the pressure is to learn to adapt for studying in all sort of environment whenever required. It is not that all students who are doing their master’s degree are only studying. There are people who work and are doing a master’s degree because he/she wants to go ahead in the career. Whether student or a working person, this quality is indeed very much required. Students learn to balance things properly like social life, job studies etc. and hence studying while travelling in a bus or working on a project where you need concentration is no big deal. Students, through this process unexpectedly learn to find opportunities to work and study anywhere when the time demands and indeed they understand that it is always not possible to find silence.

Moving on to the next thing that the students learn while doing their master’s degree is the ways to usefully utilize the resource called ‘library'. This is another skill that a master’s student must develop else falling back from the class is inevitable. But not to worry, most of the students learn this open secret quite fast for proper survival if they have not learned while doing their bachelor’s degree.  At a glance, a library seems to be a very boring place, all quiet and every face sank in books. But the library is a resource to gather knowledge. A master’s degree is not just a specialization, getting a certificate and enhancing the career. If you want to gather knowledge really, this is the best place. Students actually very unexpectedly discover the immense treasure in the form of books that remains hidden in the libraries of the universities. Presently, every world class and renowned universities in the UK have a state-of-the-art library where not only books in physical form are found, but students can access online resources where information is added every moment so that the students can benefit from the time that they invest. 

Learning to use the library also teaches a student to acquire the skills of research which they can use to do the assignments. Professors always look forward to seeing assignments and projects that are unique and different from one another. This also brings up their grades to the top. Acquiring knowledge also helps to understand the lessons better and hence get better marks as well. This in turn also contributes to being the best students.

What the students also learn is to stick to the deadline. This is another quality that every student must develop if he/she has to fare the semesters and get the degree with proper marks. Meeting the deadlines is one great quality that students learn unexpectedly and swiftly. While being at the undergraduate level, you might have pushed too far and met the deadline by chance and luck. But while being in the master’s level students quickly learn that it is not possible here and that you must do things as they come and not leave it to complete at the last day. The secret to this is that at the undergraduate level there are many semesters and modules. If you make a mistake in one of them, you get a chance to rectify those mistakes in the next one. But at the master’s level this is very limited and hence there is no chance for rectification and students already know that grades matter. Hence they quickly pick up the fact that procrastination is not the key to success and ultimately delivers no result.

There are more smaller things that students learn, and as said that there is no end in learning, it is also the same in here. Learning is the key to success, and those that learn fast and adapts to the changes are successful.

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