Why As a Graduation Student You Must Write An Impeccable Dissertation

Horror movies have one thing in common: a scene that shows the desperation of protagonists while being chased by evil spirits. In the moment of desperation, they choose a wrong turn which led them back to the den of an ogre. Do you remember the famous Werewolf scene from ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’? As professor Lupin starts to transform into a werewolf, Harry, Hermione and Ron become so horrified that instead of running away they stand still to watch the alteration in great disbelieve and horror! What we are trying to emphasize on is the moment of desperation that those three kids felt while throwing a stone at Lupin in an attempt to save Syrius. Don't you face this same desperation to save your grades every time you get assigned with a “werewolf-like” assignment? It leaves nothing to the imagination that you are at the end of your tether with that newly assigned dissertation assignment.

You may be wondering how to take up a lengthy task and complete it correctly within time. We understand that you are overstressed with your dissertation and do not want to wake up in a cold sweat anymore. So are you battling with your saddening realisation that probably you will not be able to finish the task within the deadline? Then it is likely that you are standing on the verge of mental break down, as you are not even halfway there with your dissertation paper. We are your saviour who will motivate to carry on the dreadful task of writing the dissertation

What is a dissertation?

Many of us do not have an exact idea of what is a dissertation. A dissertation is one of the compulsory requirements to earn the final degree in some bachelors programs and almost all master's qualifications. Successful completion of your undergraduate dissertation will demonstrate that you have enough competency and skill to take up individual research.

Completion of your research paper will make you more aware of how to write intricate details with precision. Dissertation involves an analysis of the main subject and finally presenting solutions in the form of suggestions. While writing a thesis, you need to attempt to answer what can be done to solve an underlying issue in the main subject.

A dissertation is a well-structured piece of writing that generally responds to a thesis and in the process develops a logical argument about that thesis. Usually, it's longer than any other assignment that you have written so far; so it needs to be divided into chapters. A dissertation may cover the same topic and can take up the same slant of writing an essay, but it needs to investigate the area in more significant details.

While writing a dissertation, you need to put greater emphasis on methodology about how you carried out your research. You do not need to write the methodology section in essays, but in dissertation a thorough method is important. A thesis can take different forms. One of the main differences between different types of dissertations is whether to include primary research or one must depend on secondary research. While writing the dissertation it is important to consider the ethics of your research project mainly if you are concentrating on the primary research. If your research involves human subjects, you need to consider whether it will have an adverse impact on subjects. While writing your findings and explaining the methodology, you need to keep the identities of your subject hidden if your research is about some sensitive issue and subjects do not want their names to be revealed.

In the dissertation, you must include an abstract, a thorough introduction, a methodology, literature review and a brief discussion about findings; and to end the paper properly you need to write a conclusion that will bind all the loose end together.

Why does an undergraduate student need to write a dissertation?

Before getting into the main topic of discussion let us start with making you little more comfortable with the idea of why do you need to write a 30,000-word long assignment. The most practical reason is writing a dissertation is the final step towards earning the PhD degree. A culmination of years of hard work, planning and research are likely to shape your dissertation paper. Experts are concerned with the successful submission rate going down each year. Several students are dropping out in the first year of their masters and PhD courses. We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news; without taking interest in writing your dissertation you will soon enter into the loop of procrastination and end up with an average score.

In order to earn a high score at your dissertation, there is no shortcut other than dedicated hard work. Now to put sense into the fact that why does a graduate need to write thesis we would like to start with something that you are well aware of all this while but never realised its importance; you need to take serious effort in writing a research paper to end up with a high paying a good job.

In few years’ time, you can look back at it and think, yes pulling all those all-nighters counted for something. It may sound cliché but it leads us to another importance of writing a lengthy dissertation. The importance of writing a dissertation lies in the fact: what is your takeaway from encountering this writing experience. Writing an undergraduate thesis will make you more competent to take up independent research and in applying the hands-on skill developed in writing research findings based on a particular topic. You can learn to write an impressive PhD dissertation by working on an undergraduate thesis or dissertation paper. Working on an undergraduate research paper will develop your foundation of working on PhD dissertation.

Reassuringly it can be told that a well-written dissertation puts you ahead of others when you start your job hunting. A nicely composed quantitative analysis shows commitment, perseverance, self-motivation; and an independent study project your critical thinking ability. Surely all these essential qualities establish your competency as a viable candidate. Any prospective employer will instantly like a well written postgraduate thesis or graduate research paper with a relevant topic. In the job market, it will be your deal-maker that will potentially place you ahead of other candidates.

Important Point to Remember While Writing a Dissertation

When you are working on a dissertation for the first time, it's very usual that you are likely to make some common mistakes. Here, we are giving a short dropdown list of what should be positively taken care of while writing a research paper.

  • The tone of your paper should always be formal.
  • When you are working on dissertation or research paper, try to choose a topic that is associated with broader scopes. Nobody wants to read something that they already know about. When it comes to research paper, it should always create new knowledge through a complete, self-supporting study. Therefore, it should be your aim to deliver an authentic and original copy. Plagiarism is a strict no-no.
  • A dissertation must have these following sections: Introduction, literature review, method, result, discussion, conclusion and a limitation section.
  • While writing a dissertation, literature review section should be stretched, as your main motto is to display your greater understanding of the subject and to discuss common issues occurring in the subject.
  • The methodology section should also be expanded to let readers have a detailed idea about what method you have been taken up to collect information.

Dissertation might be the worst assignment you will ever write, but if you start writing it with proper knowledge then you might end up with the most unpolished, verbose dissertation to read. The best way to write your dissertation is thinking it as a product. To make things less complicated, you can write each chapter of your dissertation as articles. In this way, it will be easier for you tackle the mountainous work of writing the research paper and will help you to understand the chapter and will make it easier for you to make amendments. You can also extract and keep aside extensive modules from the literature review, to make your review concise yet a good read.

By following all above-mentioned steps, you will be able to make your dissertation a thorough and properly explained collection of discussion not a single, gigantic piece that rambles about anything and everything.

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