Why We Love and Hate Dissertation Writing?

Writing dissertations is the toughest task that a student needs to carry out in their entire academic career. You most probably have spent days (and nights) crying just by looking at the documents on the computer. Whether you like it or not, there is no escape from it. The reason behind is the considerate amount of points allocated to it. So, what is it that makes us have a love-hate relationship with dissertation writing?

What makes dissertations to be loved?

  • A golden chance to get higher grades- Who doesn’t want to elevate their final scores? Since the dissertations hold high significance, they are rewarded with equally higher points. So, writing good-quality dissertation can considerably increase your grades more than any other assignments can.
  • You will have the reign and will be autonomous-Dissertations are provided to evaluate the capability of the students to carry out research work on their own. Here, you won’t be thrust with a boring or highly complicated subject matter. So, you have the freedom to select a topic of your interest. And if you can write on something that you like, the whole process automatically becomes enjoyable.
  • You can eat all the junk foods now- Throughout the year, you might think about following a low-fat, low-carb diet, but now, having healthy foods is not one of your priorities. Till your dissertations are finished, eating will be of more importance than eating healthy.
  • You will be pushed to your limits- Since you have to present your best research work, you have to be totally engrossed in the dissertation. Also, you have to go to every nook and corner to find the material for your paper. You will be giving your best effort to it which you never thought you could.

And, what makes them be hated?

  • It takes up all your time- As said earlier, dissertation writing is a prolonged task and so, you will have to give it all of your time in order to meet the deadline. You will have to say goodbye to your social obligations and devote that time to the writing the dissertation.
  • Dissertations start to take control of your mind- Since you will be spending all of your time in it, it will consume you. You will only be able to think and talk about your dissertation.
  • You can’t avoid it- When the deadline is slowly coming closer, you can no more ignore it. This is the most significant work of your whole academic years, so, nothing else will matter at this moment. Thus, even if you hate it, you won’t be able to stay away from it.
  • Your level of motivation will fluctuate every moment- In one instance, you will feel highly motivated which will make feel delusion that you can complete half of the dissertation in a day. But, in the next moment, you will think about joining the circus as you cannot achieve this task.
  • You will get nightmares- Even in your short naps, you will only get dreams (rather nightmares) about your dissertations. Since you are always thinking about them, they will ruin your night as well.

As you can see there are both positive and negative sides of dissertation writing just like everything else. So, you have to embrace it with all its hated and lovable aspects.

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