Write Your Dissertation for a Better Future

You might have come across many moments when you have thought, “Why am I writing this dissertation?” or “Is it going to help me in any way other than getting me the degree?” This is a common story of every student who had to write a dissertation. But is the task really worthless and has no function beyond your Ph.D. years? No, it is not. You are clueless about the ways in which you can benefit by writing your dissertation. And no, the effort is not just for the degree, but also for your future self. The added bonus is the satisfaction you get when you finish the work.

Why writing the dissertation is worth your time?

Dissertation writing is the most important, as well as difficult task that you will come across in your entire academic life. Students find it to be troublesome because of the reasons listed below:

  • It reflects your capacity and competency- To write a dissertation, you need to select your own topic and conduct an independent research from primary and secondary sources. What you will write in the copy will showcase how good you are at carrying out a research on your own. Your paper also upholds your critical thinking skill, your commitment towards the work, perseverance, initiative, etc. Thus, a well-written dissertation on a relevant topic can always give you a good chance to impress potential recruiters.
  • It will help you to develop several skills- You will spend a considerable amount of time to complete your dissertation, which will help you to grow some vital skills. These are the skills which you will require in your life even after the academic days. You will also need these skills to successfully crack any interview. Some of the skills that you will grow by writing dissertations are as follows:
  • Communication- Your dissertation is also a form of communication through which you are transferring your message to the readers. While writing the dissertation, you need to explain concepts in the layman’s language, so that the average reader can understand what you are trying to say. Thus, you learn how to express yourself according to the understanding of the audience. This can come very handy when you appear in an interview.
  • Time management- To meet your goal of completing the task on time, you need to work in a time efficient manner. A lot of planning and strategy making goes in the process including prioritising tasks, organising the work, etc. In order to become successful in life, you need to learn how to manage your time and how to use it effectively.
  • Problem-solving- A lengthy task like dissertation writing comes with possible difficulties and struggling situations. But, while writing, you have to find the solution for yourself. Thus, you develop your problem-solving skills which you will need throughout your life.  
  • Adapt yourself with the changes-When you are writing the dissertation, you start with something else and end with something completely different. You have to make the necessary changes to fulfil the requirement of the paper. In a similar way, when you will be working for an organisation, you will have to face challenges almost every day. You need to adapt to those to survive among others.

Apart from these, you will also develop skills like project planning, analytical skill, planning or managing a task efficiently, all of which will give you an edge over your co-workers.

  • It brings significant changes in your style of working- Often, after finishing the dissertation, the writer starts to think and write in the same way in the future. Thus, the dissertation helps in shaping your way of working. If you can develop a great writing style and an excellent critical thinking ability which can boost your chances of acquiring a job. Also, this can significantly contribute to your performance in the workplace.
  • It gives you the opportunity to reach a broader audience- Unlike any other academic paper; dissertation gives you the chance to get published. This means, your work will reach out to more people than just your professor. Hence, if you write a remarkable dissertation and it gets published, it can probably draw in some influential people or maybe recruiters. Thus, you might even land up a great opportunity.
  • It helps in your personal development- With the help of dissertation writing, you become an independent worker, a more intellectual person, and learn to stay self-motivated. All these qualities can help you to grow as a person which will obviously improve the way you make decisions in your life.
  • It helps you to enhance your knowledge on a specific field- By the time you will write your dissertation, you will most probably have a good idea about the field in which you want to make your career. And since you get to write on a topic of your choice, you will choose the one in which you have interest. While working on the dissertation, you will gather almost all the knowledge available on that subject.

As the dissertation is much lengthier than any other paper, the more the information, the better will be the quality of the paper. Thus, you will gain an enormous amount of knowledge on that. When you sit for an interview, your wide base of knowledge on the relevant area will surely help you to impress your recruiter. Thus, you can even land your dream job. Apart from this, dissertation writing also gives you the opportunity to discover new aspects of the topic. It helps you to create new research questions and do the research accordingly.

Thus, it can be clearly seen that the dissertation writing is very important for you. It can benefit you in many ways and prepare you for the future. Hence, you should definitely spend as much time and effort after writing the dissertation as possible to receive the maximum advantage from the work.

Without submitting a well-written dissertation, it won’t be possible for you to receive your degree. As a student of higher studies, you can understand the importance of dissertation writing. But there is nothing to be worried if you are unable to create a high-quality paper. If need be, you can talk to your professor and ask for necessary guidance or request him/her to shed some light on the topic.

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