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We do not stop only in giving assignment writing services to you for ‘my assignment help’. We also give services in editing and proofreading your paper. Have any incomplete assignment paper written by you? Send that paper to us, and we will correct it. We have specially trained and experienced people for this purpose. Their sole work is to go through the copies and check them for errors. Need to do my assignment with assistance’. Is that your request? is the right place.


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  • The consistency of the paper
  • How logically the words flow in the paper
  • If all the word, lines and paragraphs gives a whole meaning to the paper
  • Though there are no fillers in the paper, still we check if there are any.

Apart these, there are many more points on our checklist. These are only a few examples of what we do.


The same goes for the proofreading of the papers as well. Papers are accurately proofread to correct the errors that remain. This includes:


  • Grammatical errors with particular concern to verbs and tense usage
  • Spelling mistake
  • Typing mistake
  • Punctuation mistake
  • Check if anything is missing
  • Mistakes in abbreviations
  • Mistakes is using terminologies

Just like we have mentioned what we do in the editing, the same examples are mentioned here for what we do for proofreading to give ‘my assignment help’.


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The writers of are the best ones anyone can have. We handpick our writers choosing each one very carefully. They are highly qualified and specialize in different subject areas. And not only this, they are experts in writing different assignments. So when you look for assignment writing services, and you request us to ‘do my assignment by an expert’ we first see what assignment you need, and then we assign writers. For example, if you have a dissertation to write on supposing say economics, what we do is that we assign a writer who is an expert in economics and specializes in the area of which the topic is. Added to that, he is also an expert in writing a dissertation. So what you get is the best and perfect writer for your assignment.


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