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“Who says I need a paraphrasing tool? I could just copy relevant info from a book and I am sure no one would understand. It’s as simple as that!”


Millions of UK students bear this thought in mind whether they are in junior or sophomore year at college. Consequence? At least half of them get accused of the heinous crime of plagiarism every year. They secure poor grades at best and face expulsions at worst.


As per Independent- “The universities of UK are in the midst of ‘plagiarism epidemic’ as almost 50,000 students were caught cheating over the last three years.” But, you don’t have to be one of them since the brilliant paraphrasing tool of is right here at your aid.


Billions of top-ranking students of the top UK universities have relied on the exemplary paraphrase generator of Why don’t you try it too? Most importantly, you get to use our seamless paraphrasing tool online without spending any money. Thus, chuck away all your worries about grades when the best paraphrasing tool in the UK is just a few clicks away.

Steer Clear Of The Heinous Crime With Our Paraphrasing Tool Online 

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At, we believe only in helping people do the right thing. We have been in the industry for a considerable time now and witnessed thousands of students’ performance deteriorating solely due to plagiarism. Hence, we have brought forth the best paraphrasing tool online to help you deliver 100% genuine paper.


Here are some crucial issues that you can solve instantly with the help of our professional essay rewriter for free-

  • Deadlines That You Would Never Miss 

The humongous academic pressure and stringent deadlines of the UK institutions usually get the better of most students. When you avail our incredible paraphrase generator, you would no longer have to think about missing the deadline; however, short it is. All you need to do is upload the file, click on the ‘paraphrase button’ and receive 100% authentic solutions faster than a flash.

  • Avoiding Severe Plagiarism Accusations

All UK institutions have become excessively strict when it comes to dealing with plagiarism. Opt for the unique paraphrase tool of today, and never lose your precious sleep over plagiarised content. You can trust us on this completely.

  • An A+ Mark sheet Is All That You See In Your Dreams

All you may want is to break the vicious cycle of mediocre grades and fetch a straight A+ in the paper. Stop worrying; our informative academic paraphrasing tool will help you do that easily. Our advanced tool would rephrase the paper and enhance its quality a top-notch higher. Subscribe to our services today!


Do you have any other reason for which you in are search of the best paraphrasing tool online in the UK? We have got your back. Give us a call right away and witness the magical difference in your grades right away. Just log in to our website and our outstanding paraphrase generator will do the rest.

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Why Do You Need to Use a Professional Paraphrasing Tool?

You can rewrite or paraphrase a piece of text manually. Then why would a person need a paraphrasing tool in the UK? Well, if you had used a rephrasing tool before, you would know that it offers a number of advantages over manual paraphrasing. The paraphrase tool available at offers the following benefits:

1. Instant delivery of rewritten text:

When you submit a document to paraphrase online, our tool takes only a few seconds to scan and analyse the content and generate the paraphrased version of the content. So, the rewording tool does save a lot of time for you.

2. Receive improved content:

While rephrasing the sentences, the free paraphrasing tool understands the meaning and context of the content at hand. This allows our sentence rewriter to produce grammatically sound content with better usage of words based on the original content.

3. No trace of plagiarism:

Even though paraphrasing is a form of plagiarism, our rephrasing tool rephrases sentences in a way that one cannot find any similarity of text between the original and rephrased documents. In fact, most plagiarism checkers cannot identify plagiarism in the content.


Most users avail the service of our paragraph rewriter to enjoy these aforementioned benefits. You can also enjoy the same.

Settle For Nothing But The Best Paraphrasing Tool In The UK

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There is a slew of paraphrase generators online on the Internet. But, how many of them can rephrase your academic papers accurately? Perhaps, none. On the other hand, our exemplary paraphrasing tool is engineered in such a way, encompassed with advanced features that it can rephrase the texts to look absolutely unique.


Our paraphrasing tool available for free online has innumerable advantages over other generators in the market. Here’s how:

  • Finds The Best Synonyms/ Alternatives

The brilliant informative academic paraphrasing tool of is designed in such a way that it scans your entire document to find the most relevant and meaningful synonyms of your original paper. There’s no way that you would come across any abrupt or bizarre words in your solutions.

  • Can Rewrite Any Academic Paper

Our plagiarism checker tool online is suitable for all kinds of academic papers in the UK curriculum. Whether you aim to paraphrase assignments, term papers, or coursework, on any subject under the sun our paraphrase generator has got you covered. Our Management or English paraphrasing tool changes the words of your papers without altering its meaning. Give it a try today.

  • Returns 100% Accurate Results

Our developers have engineered a paraphrasing tool that will only return 100% accurate and flawless results. It would become impossible for your professors to even detect 1% plagiarism in your papers. Visit our website to know more.

  • Signing-Up Not Mandatory

Signing up or registering with us when you have to meet your urgent deadlines can be too troublesome for you. Hence, keeping your needs in mind we let you use the best paraphrasing tool in the UK without signing up with us. Additionally, you also don’t need to provide any personal information to use our English paraphrasing tool.

  • Fits Unlimited Text At A Go

Compared to other generators, you can use our impeccable paraphrase tool to rewrite an unlimited number of words at a single go. There is also no need to copy and paste the text multiple times.

  • Faster Than A Flash

With our professional essay rewriter by your side, you would never have to wait for long hours to get your document rephrased. Simply upload your file and paste it into the tool. It takes only 5 seconds to rephrase a 1000-word document. Try to see yourself!

  • Charges Not Even A Single Penny

Unlike most other websites, we don’t charge a single buck for using any of our tools. Our paraphrase generator is absolutely free! Use our tool and bit adieu to plagiarism in no time.


What are you still waiting for? Use the brilliant paraphrase tool of without thinking twice. This tool is compatible with all browsers and devices. Use it once and we bet you won’t regret it.

How To Use Our Free Paraphrase Generator?

Follow 4 simple steps and be sorted for the rest of the semester

As mentioned, you can use our paraphrase generator for free no matter how many times you use it. However, if you do not know how to use our professional paraphrasing tool, here is the step-by-step guide for that.

Step 1: Upload the Text:

When you land on the rephrasing tool’s page on our website, you will find the option to upload the text you want to rephrase online. You can upload the text document directly by browsing your computer drive or simply copy the text and paste it into the dedicated space.

Step 2: Click on the “Paraphrase” Button:

Once you submit the text to the rewriting tool, you will need to click on the “Paraphrase” button. As you click on the button, the sentence changer tool scans and analyses the content and starts to spin the content without changing its underlying meaning.

Step 3: Receive the Solution:

You won’t have to wait for long to get the paraphrased content. The paragraph changer tool offers you a fresh copy of the submitted text almost instantly. You can then download it on your device and make necessary changes as per your requirements.


As you may realise, using our paraphrasing tool in the UK is quite simple. In fact, the ease of access and the additional benefits make this tool the best paraphrasing tool in the business.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q.1: Why is there a need for a paraphraser tool?

A person may need a paraphraser tool for the following reasons:

  1. To automate the paraphrasing process
  2. To save himself/herself some time
  3. To get better quality content than the original piece
  4. To avoid plagiarism detection
  5. To produce a different version of the same content

Q.2: How does the paraphraser generator tool work?

Most online paraphraser generator tools use smart algorithms which scan and analyse the content to understand its context. Then they start spinning the content without changing the essence of the original content. A lot of tools even use Natural Language Processing and AI to produce human-like content.

 Q.3: How do you paraphrase a word with a tool?

While paraphrasing a set of words or sentences manually requires you to replace the existing words with their synonyms while keeping the context of the words in mind, the paraphrasing tools do it without any human help. The tools are powered by advanced algorithms and, often, artificial intelligence to spin the content like a human writer.

Q.4: What is the best free paraphrasing tool?

When it comes to features and user experience, the paraphrasing tool at is a lot better than its competitors. It is available for free, but it does not run any ads on the website. While you get accurate, fast, and plagiarism-free solutions from this tool, you can also find support from its customer care executives 24x7.